Alright, admit it. You didn’t know this word even existed before you started watching BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. No judgement here – we didn’t know about it either. So anyway, how many times have you wondered whether or not the people around you are sociopaths? Well, don’t worry. Compare notes and decide if the people around you show the following signs.

Signs of a Sociopath

Are they sociopaths like Sherlock Holmes? Or are they just assholes? Have a look at the points below and decide for yourself.

They lie because they can

For sociopaths, normal life is boring. They tend to spice things up by lying or spreading misinformation just to see whether or not they can get away with it. The lies can be either big or small – lying about why they don’t like cheese or about a non-existent sibling. When caught, they show zero remorse or at best, fake it without feeling any guilt or shame.


They don’t care about doing what’s “wrong”

One of the clearest signs of a sociopath is the lack of a moral compass. Sure, society teaches them what is wrong and right, but these people don’t care. They will steal from the poor or physically harm children, and that’s because they have no inner conflicts whatsoever.


They make friends, but can't keep them

No matter how good you are at emulating an emotion, you cannot truly know what it feels like. This is because you lack the obvious emotional depth. Sociopaths find it is very easy to attract people, but difficult to keep them around for long. Lying, deceit and manipulation often drive people away, you know. This is why if you find that someone close to you is always surrounded by a new set of friends, be warned.


They are very charming

There’s no denying the charm and charisma that sociopaths have; they are so because they know it’s the best and easiest way to get things done. They’re very good in blending in with the crowd and making you feel that they’re “normal”. They are masters of disguise both physical and emotional, which makes them no less than professional con artists. This is why a lot of people are shocked when they come to know the reality behind their “friend’s” true nature.


They exhibit manipulative behaviour

This is one of the obvious signs of a sociopath, once you know where to look for. This is an extension to their lies. They love to trick people, to manipulate them and to control them. Why? Because sociopaths love to be in control. They like being the puppet master that can pull strings, in order to move and bend each and every puppet around them at will.


They have anti-social behaviour

So even though sociopaths are some of the most rational people on the planet, even they cannot maintain their outward appearances for an indefinite period of time. Which is why from time to time, they will have outbursts of anti-social behaviour which may or may not be accompanied with physical aggression.


They stay eerily calm in scary or dangerous situations

Do you remember that time when you were mugged at gunpoint, but your friend just remained calm and behaved as if nothing out of the ordinary happened? You tried talking to her about it, but she simply laughed it out. Truth is, not much surprises or shocks a sociopath. This is why pictures of animal cruelty would make most people uncomfortable, while sociopaths would be like “Meh”.


Sex is a purely physical act

Again, since one of the signs of a sociopath is lack of emotional depth, they cannot even begin to comprehend what it feels like to touch, kiss and have sex with someone they like, much less love. Sex is nothing but a necessary physical act to them, which is why many would often indulge in one night stands. Know that a sociopath is "incapable" of having sex that involves emotional attachment.


They are narcissistic and self-centered

Boy, they love themselves. Everything has to be about themselves because they think they’re so smart, good-looking, rich, charming, etc. that the world revolves around their every whim and fancy. Plans are made according to their convenience – you meet where they want you to meet, at what time they want you to meet, etc. It’s only part of the reason why they’re such big assholes, though. The other part is that since they cannot feel emotions, they don’t know what it’s like to genuinely care for someone else’s well-being and put it over their own welfare.


Get bored easily

If you find that despite watching the best movies together or having the most interesting conversation in the world, your friend seems always bored and/or zoned out, it’s not because they’re being rude or inconsiderate. It’s simply because that is one of the signs of a sociopath. A lot of the things they do – lying, deceiving and manipulating – stem out of sheer boredom. They constantly challenge themselves by upping their own game, and often indulge in dangerous behaviours.


They are reckless

As what is already mentioned above, sociopaths seek out thrill and adventure in order to stay away from boredom. This, of course, results in their being very reckless and impulsive. Driving cars at high speeds while being under the influence of drugs, breaking and entering a police car or doing parkour at dangerous locations – it’s all fun and games for them. Their narcissism adds to their belief that they are too smart to be caught by authorities. Which is why...


They don’t learn from their mistakes

So while sociopaths are extremely intelligent, cunning and rational people, you will often find them making bad decisions all the time.


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