You will have good days and bad days in any relationship, and the same holds true when you are in a relationship with the girl of your life. You really want to make your relationship work, but you should keep your eyes open and never ignore signs of looming trouble. Should I break up with my girlfriend? Here are some signs that will help you find the answer.

Signs That You Should Consider a Breakup


Lack of Contact

Do you remember the time when you two first got together? Was it difficult for both of you to stop contacting each other? That is a sign that you two were in love, but if you no longer feel like sending her a nice text message or talking to her on the phone, it is one of the signs that you do not value your relationship any more. It may be the right time to start thinking about a breakup.


No Real Effort to Stay Together

Do you find it a waste of time to arrange a date with your girlfriend like good old times? If both of you believe that picnics on the beach, long walks, and romantic getaways are a waste of time, chances are you no longer enjoy each other's company and that is another sign you should consider breaking up with her.


Her Habits Irritate You

If you have recently started noticing what a slob your girlfriend is, it could be because you no longer have any interest in staying into a relationship. It is natural to ignore certain quirks and habits when you first start dating someone, but things have to stay the same or else you will never be able to take your relationship far.


You Seem More Interested in Other Friends

Should I break up with my girlfriend? If you have stopped enjoying her company and spend time with your job or friends, you may seriously think about a breakup. You may not be avoiding her on purpose, but you might be making plans that keep you from hanging out with her. Yes, it is not intentional, but it certainly means you can live happily even without your girlfriend.


Things Aren't Seem to Go Anywhere

If you have started worrying about the future of your relationship because your girlfriend always puts the brakes on taking it to another level, this might be a good time to think about a breakup. You cannot be more certain, however, if you believe she does not introduce you to her family and friends and never shows consent to talk about the future.


Sex Is No Longer Interesting

If you two have been enjoying a physical relationship for quite some time but have lost interest recently, there is something wrong. A dead sex life may indicate that you two are not attracted to each other. If she has started maintaining a distance and you see her making excuses whenever you try to get intimate, there may be something else on her mind.


Sex Takes Center Stage

This is the other extreme. A dead sex life is a bad sign, but so is an overactive sex life. It suggests that she comes to you just to meet her physical needs, which is never a good sign. A relationship that is all sex, no talk is less likely to last for years. It is better to make a move today to avoid getting hurt later.


She Fights Publically

It is okay to have your disagreements with your girlfriend, but you need to settle those issues without asking anyone else for help. There is no point in entering a screaming match in public, and if she has recently started becoming very annoyed at little things, it is a sign that your relationship is already out of control. Similarly, if you argue a lot and do not really care who is listening to you, it shows you have lost respect for your girlfriend. It is time to pack and go!


She Keeps Secrets

Should I break up with my girlfriend? You should seriously think about it if she keeps secrets from you. Your relationship is not going to last if there is no trust between you two. You two should share every intimate detail and keep no secrets, and if she seems to have her secrets that she does not want to share, it may be the time to start thinking about a breakup.


She Is Hung Up on Her Ex

If you know that she was in a relationship before, it is okay to hear her talk about that experience once in a while. However, you should seriously think about getting out of a relationship if she seems too hung up on her ex boyfriend. Your relationship can never move forward if your girlfriend is not emotionally connected with you. It is better to part ways now to avoid any issue later.


She Is Very Possessive

This is another reason why you may want to consider walking out of a relationship now. Do you have to meet her for lunch, then pick her up after work, and then take her out for dinner? Is she so overpowering that you have no time to spend time with your buddies? These are all signs that she is very possessive, and this relationship is never going to last long.


She Keeps You from Making Big Decisions

Should I break up with my girlfriend? If you spend all your time trying to change her mind about getting married, wanting kids, relocating, or other future stuff, you may seriously think about breaking up with her. You have to understand that a good partner will always encourage you to move ahead and won't hold you back from making progress in life. That also shows that you two do not share the same opinion on important matters, which is another sign that it is time to let go of things.


She Seems Interested in Other Guys

If you notice wandering eyes, she is no longer interested in making this relationship work. While there is nothing wrong in admiring attractive people, there is certainly something wrong when you constantly find her checking out others.


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