Roasted vegetables are very healthy and can be the most versatile side dishes. They are crispy on the outside and warm while soft on the inside. Just roasting for around half an hour in the oven can do wonders to the veggies.

How to Make Roasted Vegetables


Remember to pre-heat the oven. A temperature between 350–425 degrees F can be used to pre-heat. If the oven is not pre-heated, the vegetables will turn out not so brown and might not be crisp enough.


You can use small sized vegetables. However, for larger vegetables, you should ensure that they are evenly cut so that the roasting is uniform. Besides, bite-size pieces are easier to eat.


To get the vegetables to brown evenly, toss them in olive oil and transfer them to the roasting pan. You can also drizzle oil when putting the vegetables in the pan and add some seasoning to them.


Arrange the vegetables in a way that air circulates around them. Browning will not be uniform if they are too crowded.


Roasted vegetables should be seasoned in layers. Use a little salt initially before roasting and then again after roasting.


Place the roasting tray on the top shelf or the top third of the oven, so the vegetables brown well.


Mix the vegetables with a spatula when they start browning so that they brown evenly.


Roast vegetables should be brown and tender. If they start browning a lot, cover with foil and wait until they turn tender.


Once the roasting is done, complete it by drizzling olive oil and a dash of salt. You can also use freshly ground black pepper, lemon juice or herbs to season the roast.


You can choose to serve the roasted vegetables warm at which time they taste great. But you can also serve them at room temperature. For this, cool them in a single layer, so they do not get soggy.

Vegetable Roasting Chart


Roasting Time (450°F) (minutes)

How to Cut

How to Season

Asparagus, 2 pounds

10 to 15


Freshly grated lemon zest after roasting

Beet, 2 pounds


Unpeeled, pricked with fork

Peel, chop and season with salt, pepper and 1 teaspoon of orange zest

Broccoli, 2 pounds

10 to 15

1 ½- to 2-inch wide florets

Garnish with cheddar cheese after roasting

Carrots, 2 pounds

30 to 40

1-inch pieces

Garnish with pumpkin pie spice before serving

Cauliflower,  1 ½ pounds

20 to 30

1 ½-inch florets

Sprinkle fresh parsley after roasting

Eggplant, 2 pounds

20 to 25

½-inch thick slices

Drizzle extra virgin olive oil after roasting

Green beans, 2 pounds

20 to 30


Fresh lemon juice & fresh dill after roasting

Onions, 2 pounds

20 to 30 

12 wedges

Use mixture of brown sugar, cider vinegar and then roast for 5 more minutes

Potatoes, 2 pounds


Unpeeled 2-inch pieces

Freshly grated orange peel after roasting

Sweet Potatoes, 2 pounds


1-inch wedges, cut crosswise in half and then lengthwise

Fresh rosemary before roasting


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