Alright, we know. There are a million reasons why guys like girls. And we know that every single man has his own list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to women. But despite that, we’ve compiled a list of awesome reasons for a guy to like a girl (that most of you will agree with). Have a look!

Reasons to Like a Girl

You may agree with most of them, or you may tick against all in your list of reasons you have for liking a girl. Either way, let us know in the comments what you think of our list!

She's sexy, but not slutty

Obviously, this holds true for men who aren’t sluts themselves. No man (or woman) would want their future/long-term partner to be someone who’s had 20+ exes, no matter how open minded or feminist they are.

Let’s face the truth – such small things matter, and the fewer men a woman has slept with, the more attractive she is to men. Vice versa is true too.


She makes your life meaningful

Being in her company makes you happy, and motivates you to always do more and to always be a better version of yourself. She helps make your dreams come true and always encourages you to listen to your heart. She shares your problems and makes your life more meaningful. What more reasons to like a girl can a guy ask for?


She shares common interests

Obviously, it’s very difficult to find a girl who likes the same stuff as you do. But the next best thing to like in a girl is one who makes an effort to get involved in activities that make you happy. Obviously, a gentleman would return the favour and participate in stuff that makes his woman happy as well!


She’s independent

A lot of men (not emotionally immature boys) look for women who don’t have to depend on them to live their lives. A woman with a steady job is attractive to a man with a steady job. Money is one reason, of course, but the other reason is such a woman has her own identity and purpose other than being in a relationship with a man.


She's honest

This one is a no-brainer, and yet, still not the priority of many men out there. If you cannot trust a word that comes out of her mouth, how can you ever think of being this woman’s boyfriend and eventual spouse? Honesty is very, very important.


She waits for sex

Because if women jump into your bed on your first date, they generally aren’t looking for anything more than one night stands or flings. Quite a few men accept that one of the best reasons to like a girl is when she waits before having sex.


She's emotionally mature

No man likes a whiny woman who clings to his side 24x7. He’s looking for an emotionally mature and secure woman who is able to handle difficult situations like an adult, and not like a child. If she can present her feelings to you in a calm, non-dramatic manner, then she’s a keeper.


She shares her feelings

Now, it’s no secret that women are more comfortable with their emotional sides than men. And when she shares small details in her life along with her biggest accomplishments, it helps a man better understand her. And a relationship flourishes more when partners understand each other than when partners have no idea about what the other wants.


She sticks through thick and thin

Your partner is the one you turn to whenever you have news to share, good or bad. This is why one of the reasons to like a girl should include her loyalty to you – not as a partner, but as a human being. She should be there with you through thick and thin, see you at your worst and your best, and still accept and love you for who you are.


She’s a no-nonsense woman

This attitude shows she’s a mature and stable person who knows what she wants and gets what she wants with as little drama as possible.


She’s not materialistic

It doesn't mean that she doesn’t like dressing up once in a while or applying makeup to feel special. No. By this, we mean she’s not the type of girl who is attracted to everything expensive in her life – jewellery, high end shoes, a huge engagement ring, yachts, rich boys..... you get the drift, right?


She pays her own bills

And sometimes, she pays your bills as well. Damn, that’s sexy.


She’s your buddy

Many guys feel they cannot be themselves when they’re with their girlfriends, and a lot of times it’s because they share a different rapport with their friends than with their girlfriends. This makes it exceedingly difficult to find a girl who not only wants to be your girlfriend, but your “buddy” as well. And that means doing all “manly” activities that you would otherwise enjoy doing with your friends, like playing soccer or having a beer drinking competition! Or at least give you full support whenever you want to be yourself and let loose. If you find such a girl, is there any reason to not like her?


She’s physically attractive

Accept it or not, this fact holds true for both genders. For men, one of the first reasons to like a girl includes her physical attractiveness. Now we don’t mean that she needs to be a Victoria’s supermodel. No. But she needs to be decent looking enough for a man to be attracted to her. There are men who fall for ugly women because of their personalities or beautiful hearts. But that's the rare case. For the majority of men, looks do count.


She’s the life companion material

This one is a no brainer. Every man wants a girl who is a keeper and willing to accompany him for the rest of life.


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