Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man… The world has always loved the idea of a superhero. Someone brave, selfless and noble, willing to help the little guys being trampled on by society. Inspired by these lofty ideals (coupled with a love for neon spandex), ordinary civilians around the globe have begun to step up and fill the role of real life superheroes.

10 Real Life Superheroes Making the World a More Awesome Place

What makes a real life superhero? Gadgets, spandex and crime fighting aside, it seems that the key ingredient to being a real life superhero is caring about others enough to want to make the world a slightly better place.

Knight Warrior

City He Protects: Greater Manchester, UK

Knight Warrior understands that the English love their pubs, but he also knows that a minority can be responsible for ruining the night for many. This fact is what inspired him to put on a fancy costume and start patrolling the city nightlife, ensuring that rowdy drunks behave themselves. Whilst he doesn’t have any kind of combat training, the mere sight of him in costume is often enough to subdue trouble-makers.



City She Protects: New York City and surrounds, USA

Operating with stealth during the hours of dark, Nyx describes her activities in this way: “like the night, when morning comes, there will be no trace of me.” Dressed in black with a bright red mask and thigh high striped leggings, Nyx patrols the mean city streets, giving anonymous tip offs to the local police. She is also a big advocate of helping the homeless, who she sees as the most vulnerable of the population.


Lion Man

City He Protects: Monrovia and surrounds, Liberia

After experiencing a brutal childhood and seeing the ravages of war on his country, Lion Man decided to don a mask and help his fellow Liberian’s to improve their lives. His main focus is on educating people about the importance of boiling drinking water and knowing how to stop the spread of tuberculosis. He is also willing to speak out against human trafficking, despite the dangers involved in working against criminal trafficking gangs.


Mr Xtreme

City He Protects: San Diego, USA

Mr. Xtreme learnt at a young age what it was like to be kicked around, bullied and subjected to violent crime. Rising from these figurative ashes like a real life superhero phoenix, Mr. Xtreme got himself some goggles and body armour and started up the Xtreme Justice League, a group of like-minded individuals who do neighbourhood patrols and organise outreach programs in an effort to make San Diego a safer place.



City He Protects: Mexico City, Mexico

A former high school drop-out, Superbarrio decided he wanted to make a difference in his community (“barrio” is Spanish for “neighbourhood”). So he did what few men would: he put on a pair of red tights and a yellow and red wrestler’s mask, and then started getting the people to work together. Whether it is filing petitions, attending protests or organising rallies, Superbarrio is determined to make Mexico City a better place.


Soundwave & Jetstorm

City They Protect: San Francisco, USA

Proving that size really doesn’t matter, these pint-sized real life superheroes are official members of the Skiffy Town League of Heroes. The dynamic duo embrace a motto of “If you can walk, you can help somebody out…except babies, of course”, and they put their money where their mouths are, participating in a wide range of community and charitable events from visiting VA hospitals to being a part of the Walk for Cystic Fibrosis.


Captain Australia

City He Protects: Brisbane, Australia

Captain Australia shares much in common with the more well-known Captain America: a desire to do good and a uniform though not the super human abilities. A stay at home father by day, Captain Australia was disturbed by the rate of crime in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and decided to dress up and do his part. The mere sight of him has been enough to deter at least two would-be attackers, who fled at the sight of him.



City He Protects: Somerset, UK

Shadow learned the ways of the Ninjutsu from childhood and once he grew up, he decided to use his martial art skills for the greater good. In addition to his stealth ninja abilities, Shadow also has a hearing aid that amplifies sound, giving him a serious advantage over would-be criminals. Over the few short years of his real life superhero career, Shadow has stopped several dozen crimes and once apprehended a carjacker using nunchucks.



City He Protects: Vancouver, Canada

Thanatos was just an ordinary Canadian until a few years ago; then, he decided he wanted to be more. It was at that point that he put on a black trench coat, a black hat and a green skull mask and began to help the needy: Thanatos was born. Whilst he still keeps a sharp lookout for potential crimes being committed, Thanatos’ main focus is on distributing clothing and food to the poor and homeless.


Redbud Woman

City She Protects: Beijing, China

First appearing in Hong Kong before transferring to Beijing, Redbud Woman gained notoriety when she appeared in front of a bookstore on Christmas Eve. There, she began handing out free gifts and warm clothing to the beggars and homeless on the cold streets, all whilst wearing a sexy black costume and a bright blue mask. A tech savvy real life superhero, Redbud Woman has her own blog with over 7000 followers.

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