People who are born with dimples, belong to a secret and unique society. They have been placed on earth to bring joy to all. Dimples represent the sign of happiness. A smile with dimples can take you to the deep ocean of love, joy, and give you a feeling that comes from the bottom of your heart. To find out more charming features about dimple, check these 22 interesting quotes about dimples in your free time...

Quotes on Dimples: Funny and Interesting

Dimples symbolize happiness.

They are so sweet.

Marry a dimple? This makes me laugh :)

The Pope may have different opinions…

Follow your heart when you’re in Love!

A clever one.

Dimples and love…

Your smile is always special.

For dimple lovers.

Celebrity quotes about dimple..

Beware of these Thieves!


If you have one, smile ...

Dimples can be tricky too..

Hmm. Meaningful.

Girls readers now definitely wish to have dimples.

Dimples on the old are live and moving.

Tough man with tough dimples…

Alas! Dimple can be horrible.

So lucky!

Dimple specialist.

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