Pink Lady apples are fairly recent, only being developed in Australia during the 1970s. These apples need a hot climate, which is why they are typically grown in Australia, South Africa, southern Europe, or the southern U.S. These apples will keep well and they tend to grow even after apple season ends. With great Pink Lady apple nutrition, smooth and rosy skin, and a sweet taste, it is no wonder that these apples are popular.

Pink Lady Apple Nutrition

The low calories in a fresh Pink Lady apple make it a great choice. Reviewers agree that these apples have good flavor. They can be described as very sweet with a slight tartness. They have a strong, pleasant aroma and are crisp. When you eat this fruit, you can take advantage of all the following Pink Lady apple nutrition.


Although these apples are medium-sized, Pink Lady apple nutrition includes fewer calories than most people think. The average apple of this type is 100 grams with just 50 calories, a bit lower than the average calories of medium apples.


A Pink Lady apple is made up of around 10 percent carbohydrates. That means that each 100 gram apple has about 10 grams of carbs. This number is 3% of the daily recommended value if you follow a 2,000 calorie diet. Eight grams of carbs are fructose or other sugars.


The carbs in Pink Lady apple nutrition that aren’t sugar come in the form of dietary fiber. Both the core and skin have fiber. Since most people won’t eat the core, the skin alone gives around 9% of your recommended daily fiber intake.


These apples are a great source of vitamin C with a 100 gram Pink Lady giving you nearly a quarter the recommended daily vitamin C. Always eat the apple with the skin on as the majority of this vitamin is right underneath it. Pink Ladies also contain pectin, boron, iron, calcium, and vitamin A.

Other Nutrition

Pink Lady apple nutrition doesn’t include any sodium or fat, and there is no protein either.

Below we have listed all the nutrition in Pink Lady apple in the table; you can refer to it to find the one you want to figure out directly.


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