Smart females choose makeup after careful consideration of their complexion, skin tone and features; likewise, sensibly choosing the nail color according to your complexion also has certain benefits. In most cases, nail color is decided in accordance with the style and color of clothing, but you don’t have to follow this rule religiously. Knowing some safe colors that goes well with your skin tone can help a great deal in keeping your style gracefully.

You would definitely want to know what nail colors suit dark complexion the best. These colors includes rich and deep shades. This article may help you find more inspirations on choosing nail colors for dark skin.

Nail Colors for Dark Skin


Glam Maroon

The dark maroon color that is loaded with shimmers of different colors (like red, purple and gold) is perhaps the safest choice. The shimmer adds the glam to the true maroon nail color and works best with a nice evening gown. Two coat application of the nail paint is suggested to maintain luster and shine.


Classical Red

If you are looking for something bright and classical then hot red is definitely the color to try. You can definitely rock this dramatic shade without worrying about the complexion or skin tone. Red adds a splash of color to the simplest dress you wear. No shades of orange or pink is as magical as a simple red. This is the color which guarantees to make you stand out bold and confident in the crowd. This shade also requires two coats for best results.


Noble Plum

Plum shade gives you the feeling of nobility and mysteriousness. A crème finish with the dark plum nail paint always looks the best than the rest. As all deep colors brighten up your hands, so does this color whenever you want, anywhere and anytime.


Pretty Blue

If you feel like experimenting, then go for a very pretty blue shade. The color of the nail paint is sky blue with a finishing of crème for the very best look. Just like the calm sky and the ocean, this color will look very fresh in all the seasons, but summer is the best time to try out this shade.


Gorgeous Purple

Purple is the color that also looks pretty great on dark complexions. A dark woman's skin tone is nicely contrasted with the colors like deep dark purple and lavender. It is sober and even very classy for every season and this shade also blends very well with a purple eye shadow or blush.


Vintage Green

Mint green, tea green and even hunter green are the shades worth applying. Green is the eye-popping color which is very trendy too. These lovely shades of green offer a great appeal of vintage.


Shimmering Gold

If there is a festive occasion around the corner then you know it is the nail color that you have to wear. This is the color that you may apply as a whole or go for a French tip. The nail paint has gold and silver shimmer for the best.


Sweet Pink

This color makes your skin tone look bright and also brightens up your dress, personality and the mood. It is the wonderful color that also makes you look younger and cute. In hot weather, also paint your toes with this beautiful color.

Tips on Choosing Nail Colors for Dark Skin

Apart from skin color there are certain other measures that should be taken into account while choosing a nail color. Here are a couple of tips which may help you choose a suitable nail color.


Simply go with your instincts when it comes to wearing nail paint according to an outfit. Wear the colors which are complementary to the dress and you can even apply a specific color matching to your top, skirt, dress etc. Some experts say that nail color and dress should never be matching while some say it is okay wearing matching nail color, so it’s totally up to your wish.



The same thing is for your makeup. It’s better if the nail paint is complementary to the makeup. You shouldn’t have the makeup and nail color all matching otherwise it may look a little bland and tacky. But when you have a matching lip color and nail paint, then you will create a very dramatic look and it’s good enough to draw the crowd’s attention.



Always keep in mind what occasion you’re going to attend or where you are going. Play with different colors and create interesting designs. If you’re going for work or going to attend a meeting, then try to keep things towards neutral and create a decent look. For evening or night parties, go for comparatively bolder and louder shades. The most amazing color that could be applied for such parties is a hot red color. Try to wear a little dazzling colors like silver, gold and bronze.



Season is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a nail color. Winters are magical that gives a lot of liberty and freedom to carry on dark colors gracefully. All the trendy nail colors are called out in fashion. Summer is the season for all the hot colors and bright shades. Gold, red and certain neutral colors are pretty in during the autumn season.


Colors to Avoid

The colors that should be avoided by dark skin tones are orange, yellow, neon colors, pastels, white, dark brown and silver.

To check if the color suit your skin tone, apply the nail paint on a fingernail. The actual color of the bottle can be obtained by applying multiple layers.

It’s not set in stone. Just trust your eyes and your instinct. You’ll know which color look best on you!


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