Movie streaming has exploded into a true global phenomenon over recent years. As right now, millions of movie fans are watching tons of new and old movies every single day without having to leave home, and in some cases 100% free of charge. There are of course infinite movie streaming sites and services to choose from, among which some are considerably better than others. But in terms of where to head for the best movies with free charge and no strings attached, the following list of movie streaming sites could prove invaluable. 

7 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

All the following movie streaming sites are in no particular order. See which one you like best.


From Hollywood to Bollywood and literally everything else besides, NyooTV is a pretty legendary website for free streaming movies. Perhaps the best of all about the site, however, not to mention extremely rare, is the fact that not only it’s 100% free to use, but you aren’t obliged to sign up for membership either. Therefore, there’s no need to hand over personal information or spend a penny at all!

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Los Movies

Here’s a great option to try for anyone interested in movies from their own country as well as the standard international blockbusters. What makes Los Movies special is the way in which it features so many national movies on a country by country basis, which means you’re guaranteed to find media in your own language. The quality of the movies is great and the same also goes for the user interface. Ads can get annoying from time to time, but that’s the price you pay for paying no price at all!

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Amazon Instant Video

Amazon instant Video is in fact not a free service and you do have to pay for everything you want to watch. But it costs nothing to sign up and they are, during most times of the year, offering free trial periods during which time you can watch anything you want for free. The quality is the best, the library is gigantic and if you can cram all you want to see in during the trial period, you don’t have to pay a penny!

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All My Faves

Rather than hosting the movies in its own right, this is a service that largely points users in the direction of the streaming media they’re looking for. The main benefit of this is of course the fact that there’s no signing up to do and no money needs to pay at all, but on the downside, you’re somewhat at the mercy of the quality of external sites and sources. As such, some of the links are bound to be inoperative from time to time.

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Is Hulu free of charge? Sadly, no, it isn’t. But you can get a week’s free trial period without having to pay a penny. Hulu has one of the biggest online content libraries in the world, which means that if you play your cards right, you can watch some serious TV and movies during the week that’s free of charge on offer. And after this, it’s only $8 per month, which really isn’t a lot to ask. 

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The same pretty much applies to Netflix which is not available all over the world and likewise has a colossal content library that you just have to see to believe. Unlike Hulu, however, the free trial period with Netflix is a full month, which is more than enough time to watch dozens of movies and TV shows in the best possible quality. And of course, doing it this way is also 100% legal and you don’t have to own a copy of what you’re watching!

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Xfinity TV (US Comcast customers only)

Last but not the least, Xfinity TV is exclusive to US Comcast customers and is 100% free of charge to those that already have a subscription. True, it’s a bit of a catch 22 situation as it’s not really a free service to anyone, but it’s only for those who are already paying money to Comcast. However, the library of movies and TV content on offer is quite gigantic, the quality is excellent and reliability is almost flawless. 

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