Surviving the teen years is not easy, for both parents and teens alike. You can barely get your teen to have a simple conversation with you, then how can you possibly be encouraging when they need to give a speech? While they will still have to get over their own fear of public speaking, these motivational speech topics can help them find a topic that interests them and make the task feel less daunting. Check to see if your teen can find an interest in these motivational topics.

Motivational Speech Topics for Students

1. Being a role model for the younger generation.

2. A letter to a relative that shaped your life.

3. Speaking kindly.

4. Focusing on positive thoughts.

5. Practicing patience.

6. What it's like to be a teenager.

7. Developing good habits.

8. Setting goals.

9. Being a leader.

10. Building confidence.

11. Inspirational quote and why it inspires you.

12. Don't stop believing in yourself.

13. Give more and you will get more.

14. How to stay in the present moment.

15. What is personal development?

16. Why having the right ethics is important?

17. Treating others the way you want to be treated.

18. What it takes to have a winning mindset.

19. How to be a team player.

20. What the future holds for you.

21, How you can improve the world around you.

22. A letter to your future self.

23. Watch what you say.

24. Why you should break your bad habits.

25. How parents can play a bigger role in their teen's life.

26. Developing a healthy lifestyle.

27. People who changed history.

28. Why first impressions are important.

29. Learn to listen instead of always talking.

30. How social media negatively impacts social behavior.

31. What the future holds for your generation.

32. Using your emotion to drive you forward.

33. Benefits of meditation.

34. Gender equality.

35. Feminism.

36. Don't forget to laugh.

37. Explain a quote by someone famous.

38. The importance of eating healthy.

39. Food as medicine, one of the motivational speech topics for students, can be greatly elaborated on.

40. The life of someone who has done great charity work.

41. Being self-less.

42. Believing in your dreams.

43. Finding motivation.

44. Think outside the box.

45. Do what you know is right, not what everyone else is doing.

46. How to have a greater impact on the future.

47. Opinion on school uniforms.

48. Opinion on starting school later.

49. Opinion on how effective homework is.

50. What should be taught in school?

Motivational Speech Samples They Can Refer to

Throughout life, you or your children will be faced with many situations where you may feel stuck and in need of some motivation or encouragement. While the above topics are great to write own speech, the following motivation samples can help you both through difficult times and are a great place to get some inspiration to write your own speech from.

Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability.

Fear can stop you from reaching your goals or even considering setting goals to achieve. In Brene Brown's speech on vulnerability, she dives into how to use the scary feelings of fear to move you towards your goals. Instead of using fear as an excuse to not accomplish what you dream of, she explains how to embrace it to make yourself more vulnerable which will allow you to empathize with others.


Steve Job, How to Live Before You Die.

Life will throw many struggles at you and often times you cannot always see how you can take advantage of what first appears to be a failure or negative experience. Steve Jobs does an excellent job of explaining how what seems like a failure can actually be what puts you on the right path to your unrealized dreams.


Ellen DeGeneres, Tulane University Commencement Speech.

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her ability to use humor to make light of almost any situation, but she explains how this skill was master through the challenges she faced in life. Being true to yourself and overcoming adversities is not only the focus of this commencement speech, but are also two great motivational speech topics for students that can empower and motivate others.


Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happiness Speech.

While the movie itself should be on everyone's must-watch list, it is the scene between Smith and his son that will really get you thinking. This scene reminds you that no matter what others think or say, if you have a dream or something you are truly passionate, you can't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.


Denzel Washington, Fall Forward.

Failure is bound to happen throughout your life. Some people let this failure discourage them, others use it to help motivate and push them even more towards their goals. In this speech given by Denzel Washington, it explains how you can fall forward and use every failure to move your forward.


Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa Speech.

The theme song from the Rocky movies is enough to motivate anyone, but there is something that about his dialogue between his son that will really help you find your motivation. For those who may feel like they have settled or those that are concerned about what others think or that their dreams are just unrealistic or impossible, this speech will help you realize that you can always get back up.


Jim Valvano, ESPY Speech.

Being a teen can be a complex time, especially once you start considering what you will do after high school. Jim Valvano reminds everyone in his ESPY speech that life should leave you feeling alive. Laugh, get your minds working and be enthusiastic about what you pursue and how you live your life. Motivational speech topics for students can be found here, ranging from how to reach your goals to how to live a fulfilling life.


Vera Jones, But the Blind Can Lead the Blind.

In this speech, Vera Jones uses her life story to explain how faith can help you find your true passion. Even when met with what may be blinding obstacles, when you trust yourself and pursue what you feel called, you will not only accomplish great things, but you will motivate others to do the same.


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