French horror movies are different than the Hollywood one. Expect for way more creepy scenes that will definitely freak you out. Usually, after 10 minutes of a French horror you will need to take a break and breathe. But that happens only if you are not used with French cinematography.

There are many traumatizing French horrors. From Switchblade Romance to High Tension, you will see how extreme a movie can be. It is a genre of film that doesn’t have any boundaries or limits, so expect the worst. Don’t think we are exaggerating here, because you will see many murders, raped, sex, bestiality, nastiness, violence, incest and even worse in the next six French horrors. They are simply extreme. Trust us, no one does horror movies like French, not even South Korea.

So if you want to prepare a movie list to watch on Halloween, here are the most horrifying and terrifying French horrors.

The Most Traumatizing 6 French Horror Movies Perfect for Halloween



Even if Livid is at the border of the gothic fairy tale, it is still violent and graphic, everything being packed in a tone of fantasy. The movie is beautiful, including the scenes where people cut their throats. Everything seems planned carefully and you will see there is no rush at all. Instead of the classic Hollywood style, this French horror takes it easy, step by step, creating a story that compels the audience.

The movie focuses on Lucy, a girl who takes care of an old lady, who has a gold treasure buried somewhere around. Some people decide to rob the property one night, hoping the treasure will help them overpass all the financial problems. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t go as they hoped. You will see enough blood, gore and a completely wrong story.

We don’t want to spoil it more, so try to have patience in the first 30 minutes and after that you will be compelled by this incredible piece of French cinematography.


Trouble Every Day

It is kind of complicated to say what is Trouble Every Day about, but the movie is one of the best French horrors to watch for Halloween. Make sure you don’t have sexual hang ups before it, because it is a film that gels sex and death a unique way. The main character is played by Beatrice Dalle, a very talented French actress who played in Inside, another French classic horror.

The movie tells the story of a man who suffers from a really strange and very rare libido disease. Every time he gets turned on, he becomes really violent. In his searches for a cure, he meets a woman who has the same problem. The movie mixes sex, with blood and death, but it is a film about human nature, about our dark side that everybody has.


In My Skin

This is a movie that requires a puke bucket. Seriously! It is so disgusting and so violent that you may find this movie difficult to watch. Be prepared for killing, injuries, deaths and many more, and be ready to be affected by it. In My Skin is a movie that will make you close your eyes quite often, because of the people who are cutting or slicing themselves.

In My Skin is the story of a woman who suffered a leg injury. The accident made her to be more intrigued about what is happening inside her body. She wants to know how much damage this vessel can take. She used extreme methods to hurt herself. You will notice that the sounds of cuts and slashes are very nasty and sound so real that you may need put the volume really down.



Frontier(s) is one of the most popular French horrors in the world. Basically, it is the French version of Texas Chainsaw combined with Hostel. Some people rob a bank and decide to move to the countryside, in a French cottage, to stay for several days, until things calm down. Unfortunately, the inn is managed by some neo-Nazi cannibals. At this point, the movie becomes really brutal.

Frontier(s) is not just a French horror; it is so cruel and torturous that it may affect you. Don’t expect a happy ending and be prepared for the worst.


In Their Sleep

It is one of the best movies from this list. In Their Sleep is the story of Sarah, a woman who had a really difficult life. She decided to move to the country because of the tragic death of her young son. She just got divorced and she is trying to start her life again. One night, when Sarah is going to work, she sees a boy who might be in danger. The boy has the same age and look as her dead son, and Sarah notices that. In the end, she doesn’t help him, as she thinks he is pursued by a man who wants to kill him.

The movie is like a cat and mouse game until the end, which is unbelievable. You must watch it, but prepare for a classic French horror.


Calvaire (The Ordeal)

Probably you heard many stories about Calvaire. When it was released, everybody was talking about it. So if you didn’t watch it yet, you need to hurry, because it is an incredible movie.

But be ready, because none of the movies on this list are so depraved and so terrifying as Calvaire is. The movie is about soul-raping (including animal and man raping), so make sure you understand what you will watch before doing it. It is French and it is traumatizing, so prepare yourself for such an experience in advance.

Calvaire is a movie about Marc, a singer who is traveling alone by its van, which obviously breaks down. He arrives in a nice village, when he suddenly sees a man having sex with an animal. From this point, things just become disgusting and insane. Try to get through the movie and enjoy the cold ending, which will remain forever in your head.


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