Roller coaster is an amazing adventurous ride which every person will enjoy. If you are a person who likes adventures, then you would have definitely tried a roller coaster ride. There are a lot of most dangerous roller coasters available around the globe to make an audacious ride. Here we picked 10 most dangerous ones that you can experience with. 

10 Most Dangerous Roller Coasters in the World


Wicked Twister

Location: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, US

Type: Steel 

This roller coaster is believed to be tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world till date, which makes it No.1 in our list of 10 most dangerous roller coasters in the world. It has a U shaped steel track with 45 degree twist at each end. It can speed up to 75mph and the duration of a single ride is 40 seconds. It takes you to a height of 215 feet with the double twists and the high speed makes your ride a horrifying one which you have never experienced.


Gravity Max

Location: Lihpao Land, Taichung, Taiwan

Type: Steel 

It is known as tilt coaster as it is the only tilting coaster with a 90 degree drop. You are taken to a 114 feet height platform from where the ride starts. The horizontal track is tilted to 90 degree and then it speeds up moving through a tunnel followed by steeps and slopes. It speeds up to 56mph. The scariest part of this ride is the 90 degree tilt from 114 feet height. 


Full Throttle

Location: Valencia, California, US

Type: Steel 

It is believed to have tallest vertical loops in the world at 160 feet. It takes you at a speed of 70mph through the loops. The ride starts by taking a full round on the loop and then takes you to a tunnel and stops there for a few seconds. It then moves back to a few height and then speeds up to move through a steep and then slows down to stop the ride.


Tower of Terror II

Location: Queensland, Australia

Type: Steel 

Tower of Terror II is quite famous for its thrilling and exticing experience, so it has an unique place among the most dangerous roller coasters around the world. It speeds up to 161kmh. The ride starts from a tunnel from where the train first moves backward through a long tunnel before going up to a 90 degree L shape end at a height of 115m and then speeds up coming back to the tunnel to stop the ride.


Iron Rattler

Location: Six Flags Fiesta, San Antonio, Texas, US

Type: Wooden structure and steel tracks

You will experience a drop at 171 feet high with 81 degree turn. It tops to a speed of 70mph through the steeps and turns. It is believed to have petrified barrel roll. It has taller drops accompanied with high speed and steeps.


Kingda Ka

Location: Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey, US

Type: Steel

It is said to be the fastest and tallest roller coaster in North America. This roller coaster is one among the thrilling roller coaster in Six Flags roller coasters. It has U shaped track which is built up to a height of 456 feet. You will be shot up at a speed of 128mph and then fall back in 270 mph spiral track. The duration of ride is about 50 seconds.


Top Thrill Dragster

Location: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, US

Type: Steel

It will move in straight line with a speed of 120mph and then shoots up to a 420 feet tall hill and rotates at 90 degrees and falls back to the earth and again it moves to 400 feet high followed by a 270 degrees twist. Even only for this craziness, it can ensure a place in the most dangerous roller coasters in the world.


El Toro

Location: Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey, US

Type: Wooden

El Toro means "Bull" is fastest and tallest wooden run on earth. It rides up to 176 feet high. The special feature of this ride is the steepest drop of any other wooden roller coaster at an angle of 76 degree. There will be nine falls where you will feel the incredible lack of gravity. It was voted as top one wooden coaster in the world in 2011.


Superman Krypton Coaster

Location: Six Flags Fiesta, San Antonio, Texas, US

Type: Steel 

It is the largest steel roller coaster with length of 4,025 feet. The duration is more than any other rides which is 3 minute 20 seconds. It has many twists and turns, one after the other constantly, to make you experience the feel of superman flying in the sky.


Formula Rossa

Location: Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Type: Steel

Completing our most dangerous roller coaster list is the fancy and crazy ride "Formula Rossa". This ride gives an experience of riding a F1car and it can top a speed of 240 kmh, which makes it only take the time of about 90 seconds to cover 1.28 miles. A pair of safety glasses is provided to passengers in the ride to make sure all the passengers could stay safe as well as experience the exact feeling of the crazy turns in a F1 car.


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