Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man has problems with gaining and maintaining erections. It is caused by many varied causes such as physical conditions such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes, physiological issues, problems with blood flow and fluctuations in blood flow. Although it is not an individual's choice or wish to suffer from erectile dysfunction, many hide their suffering in fear of ridicule or fearing to be deemed as being less of gentlemen. Many suffers therefore either suffer in silence or look for discreet solutions that would not need insolvent of other people. Exercising is one of those solutions. In addition to helping one to keep fit, exercise also helps to deal with issues of erectile dysfunction. The following exercises are especially helpful in dealing with erectile dysfunction;

Men Should Exercise More to have Better Erectile Function


Aerobic Exercise

As stated above, one of the causes of erectile dysfunction is problems with blood flow. Cardiovascular conditions / heart diseases are known to cause problems with blood flow. This is because they affect the flow of blood, yet it is a well-known fact that an erection is caused by increased blood flow to the penis. Aerobics are known to improve the general wellbeing and health of exercisers which in turn translates to improved blood flow to all parts of the body, the penis included. Erectile dysfunction is thus solved through aerobic exercise.


Eliminating stress

Anybody who regularly exercises will tell you that exercising plays a vital role in clearing the mind hence getting rid of stress. Stress is known to be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Psychologists state that good sex is not just physical but, in fact, starts from the mind. A stressed mind is therefore not a fertile start to good sex. Alleviating stress does not need truckloads of exercise. Exercise that is not so intensive such as taking a stroll can help to clear the mind. This would be more helpful to sexual health than can be imagined.


Kegel exercises

These are exercises that are meant for the pelvic floor muscles. They are good for people who are already suffering from erectile dysfunction. They involve locating these muscles by stopping urination midstream then monitoring which muscles are affected. Once one has located these muscles, they can exercise them by following a series of contractions and relaxations. These should be held for about 5 seconds and done about 10 to 20 times in a day. When done well should be able to see results in about a week to a few months.



Research backed findings typically indicate that eating healthier and exercising regularly keeps diseases at bay and generally improves the quality of one's life. The same case applies to men's sexual health. Men enjoy better quality sex when they eat well and exercise regularly. Those who clocked 18 Metabolic Equivalents (METS) or the equivalent per week were found to have the best sexual health and performance scoring up to 70/100 which is very high by all means. METS refer to the amount of energy that is expended during a workout. 18 METS would be acquired by clocking two hours of strenuous exercise, three and a half hours of moderate exercise or six hours of the lighter exercises such as yoga.

Discovered in this research too was the fact that race and ethnicity did not affect sexual function. The results of the research were seen to cut across the board for all the ethnicities. Men of whatever ethnicity who exercised lesser did not have erectile function that was as good as that of their counterparts.


Weight loss

Obesity also affects the ability of a man to gain and maintain an erection. A stimulant by the University of Kansas in fact found out that atherosclerosis, which is a condition whereby the arteries are narrowed and hardened due to deposits of cholesterol, was the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. Men who are overweight are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. This is because obesity causes problems with blood flow such as reducing the size of blood vessels or aiding in the formation of clots. This impedes blood flow to the penis hence making it hard to achieve an erection. Losing weight, therefore, can help to improve this blood flow hence helping in the erectile dysfunction problem.



Erectile dysfunction is a problem suffered by many men, some of them even in silence. This article is meant to help such men. Exercise has a whole host of benefits such as relieving stress, preventing diseases and even helping in erectile dysfunction. A person suffering from erectile dysfunction should therefore, exercise to gain all the benefits associated with exercise.

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