Magento is the most powerful eCommerce platform that gained huge popularity in the market. Because of its advanced features, functionalities and rich performance, the platform delivers an incredible experience to all its users worldwide no matter whether they are running a big or a small website online.

Stuffed with out-of-the-box features, Magento is one such platform that can be used for any type of online store irrespective of size and kind. Moreover, users of this platform can enhanced some of it’s already functionally rich sections in order to improve their stores’ overall performance.

When it comes to expand the capabilities of the Magento stores, there are lots of Magento extensions that can be used, but it is highly important for store owners to make use of only top and feature-rich extensions. If you are looking for some of the best tools to make your store more user-friendly, this blog has a list of top 7 Magento extensions that can easily supercharge your business:

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Responsive One Page Checkout Magento Extension:

To simplify the entire check-out process, you can make use of responsive one page check-out Magento extension that can make it simpler for your customers to purchase your products from your store.

You can remove all those unnecessary and useless questions from the check-out process and combine all the steps into one.

No matter what type of online store you are running, responsive one page check-out Magento extension is a perfect solution that meets the requirements of different e-stores.

Equipped with lots of high-end features, this extension can make it easy for your customers to purchase products without facing any type of difficulty. Being an AJAX-based extension, it offers simplified check-out process to its users.


Magento Search:

Magento Search extension plays a very significant role in making your business successful as this extension can help you in enhancing conversion rate of your store, and the overall usability as well as bounce rate can also go up.

However, Magento search extension can also help your customers to find products which they are looking for. Using this high-end extension, customers can get relevant results as per their search; therefore, it is must for eCommerce Magento websites to make use of search extension on their website in order to help their customers in search.

Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento Extension is one of the best Magento search extensions that enable users to customize the search result design according to their product image and description.


Abandoned Cart Magento Extension:

Now, Magento Abandoned Cart Extension is also useful extension that known for sending an email to all those customers who have added items to their shopping cart and have not completed their check-out process.

After 7 days, this extension sends an email to that customer to remind them about their added products. It is one of the most useful tools for all the eCommerce websites as it convert your uncompleted checkouts into completed checkouts.

Among various extensions, Abandoned Cart Magento extension is the best option that can easily convert your incomplete check-out into complete check-out, so use this extension and get lots of benefits.


Banner Slider Magento Extension:

If you are looking for the best banner slider Magento extension, Banner Slider Magento Extension is the most powerful marketing tool that enables users to create and display unlimited sliders on your website.

In the short period of time, this extension has gained huge popularity in the market as banner slider extension is the most essential extension for any type of Magento website irrespective of size.

Magento website owners can get the benefit of developing and displaying unlimited sliders on their website as it is one such extension that is well-known for managing banner sliders.


Mouseover Zoom Magento Extension:

When it comes to Mouseover Zoom Magento extension, Magento’s regular image gallery can be replaced easily by the cloudZoon widget.

Currently, this is one of the most required extensions for eCommerce website owners as it allows customers to hover over product pictures and bring-up a zoom view rather than using controls.

Comes with some exclusive features, this extension makes it easy for customers to have a close look of the products. Moreover, smooth zoom movement, define lens opacity and Z/Y pixel spaces for the zoom window are major features of this extension.


Magento SEO:

Search engine optimization is the most important aspect for any eCommerce website, so every Magento website owner should invest their time and effort. For selected keywords and phrases, Magento SEO extension helps the website to attain the highest-ranks in search engine results.

However, if you are looking for your store, products and categories to rank in Google, it is must for you to have right on-page structure and you also have one properly optimized those pages for your keywords.

Among various Magento SEO extensions, Cateyes SEO extension is an excellent extension that has everything that is necessary to rank your keywords and phrases in Google. Hence, Magento website owners can easily gain new visitors and turn them into potential customers.


Popup Plus Magento Extension:

As we all know Pop-up is the best way of advertising online promotions as it can help businesses to reach the potential customers through different deals and proposals that display in the front of their visitors.

Magento Pop-up extension can also help you in notifying your visitors about special events. Today, Popup Plus Magento extension is an advanced Magento popup extension that is especially designed to help Magento platform users in showing news, promotions, ads and other things, which are attractive and eye-catchy.

It doesn’t matter what type of eCommerce store you are running, you can easily make use of this extension that serves a comprehensive range of features. Users of this extension can place it in different pages like home-page, check-out page, CMS and more.


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