This article discusses about how to import data into Outlook from Zimbra Desktop. But first, get complete information about the two applications – i.e., Zimbra and MS Outlook.

Know How to Import Data into Outlook from Zimbra Desktop


The relation between Zimbra and Outlook

Zimbra is a multi-platform supported application, which equally supports Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Available as both web based and desktop based application, Zimbra serves as the perfect medium for exchanging emails and managing contacts, calendars, notes and all other important items. Zimbra also provides support for managing multiple user accounts at one place.

Though Zimbra provides a connector for Outlook for synchronizing all its data directly with Outlook, but this requires both the applications to be installed on the system. Any deletion or change in data, automatically gets into effect in Outlook making it completely dependent upon Zimbra and its synchronizing connector. User may want to use Outlook independently and get access to all the Zimbra data without any connector. So, to achieve this, it becomes important to import data into Outlook from Zimbra Desktop. Now the question is HOW?


Extract TGZ files from Zimbra for efficient conversion to PST

The file format supported by both Zimbra and MS Outlook are far different from each other. Zimbra supports .tgz file format and Outlook support .pst file. Zimbra has no feature of automatic creation of backup of its user accounts. Users have to manually do this, for which the steps are as follows :

  • Go to Preferences Tab >> Import / Export (in left pane).

  • Under Export option, Go to Advance Settings >> Under Data types, select the items for backup : emails, contacts, calendars etc. and press Export button.

  • Select the desired location to save extracted TGZ files and click OK button.

These TGZ files are TAR Zipped files, which, before further using, needs to be unzipped with an efficient unzipping tool.


Use Third Party Solutions for Complete Results

Now is the time to import data into Outlook from Zimbra TGZ file, which is easy to attain via Zimbra Desktop to PST Converter. The software is a comprehensive solution provider, which singlehandedly imports all the Zimbra data items – email messages, address book, briefcase, calendars, notes, tasks (saved in .tgz file) into PST file, eliminating the need for any other application for doing conversion of each item, separately.

The software is very easy to use even for non-technical users, and can effortlessly import data into Outlook from Zimbra, without any technical help. Use any of the two offered options : Single mailbox and multiple mailboxes migration, and successfully convert all your Zimbra mailboxes into PST format. Single mailbox mode will convert all the data of one mailbox into .pst file. Multiple mailboxes mode will convert all the data saved in all the selected mailboxes into their respective PST files.

Features of Zimbra Mailbox Migrator

  • Interactive GUI is helpful for users coming from both technical and non-technical background.

  • No need for separate applications as the software converts all the items (email, calendar, address book etc.) of Zimbra user profiles into Outlook.

  • A new UNICODE PST file is created, viewable in Outlook 2016 – 2003 editions.

  • Multiple mailboxes option is best suited for large scale migration purposes.

  • Import data into Outlook from Zimbra TGZ files, without installing Zimbra.

  • Compatible with all Zimbra and Windows editions.


To fulfil the need to import data into Outlook from Zimbra Desktop, all that the solution is right here, i.e. Zimbra to PST Converter. One of the best designed programs, Zimbra Mail Converter is the fastest, accurate and most efficient tool, which provides smart solution to import data into Outlook from Zimbra TGZ files, without any problems.

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