There are federal laws that set limits on the types of work and hours that 15 years olds can engage in. This is why most companies only hire persons above the age of 16, and you can see this age requirement highlighted in many job postings. Therefore, looking for jobs that hire at 15 years old can be a tall order. The good news is that there are fields which welcome this age group and you can apply during summer for jobs at grocery stores, retail stores, water parks and restaurants.

Part 1: Available Jobs That Hire at 15



You will need to be certified by the American Red Cross Lifeguard Association. There are various certification classes offered, and these are available from the age of 15. Get in touch with your local American Red Cross Offices to find out if there is a class available.



If you like pets, you can take up a job as a pet sitter. The responsibilities of a pet sitter include grooming the pet, playing with it, taking it for a walk, feeding and so on. You can ask around for friends and neighbors who have pets and work for long hours or often travel as they will need to have someone to care for their pets.


Golf Caddy

A golf caddy helps carry golf bags and handle golf equipment for the players. Working as a golf caddy is a good way to learn the sport and earn some money as well. Ask around at your local golf clubs or resorts if there are any positions available.



If you perform well at your studies, tutor can be one of the jobs that hire at 15, and you can help tutor children in lower classes. Students are often in need of help with subjects such as grammar, spelling and math. Getting personalized help on such subjects could help a student who is having trouble getting the attention they need in class. You can create flyers and distribute them in class to advertise your services.


Special Instructor

If you are good at dancing, playing an instrument and drawing or have a specialized skill, you can offer this service to beginners. Parents are not usually keen on hiring teenagers as instructors but at reduced rates, they could consider it. Professional instructors can be costly, make your services more appealing by offering a less costly alternative. If you are currently taking up lessons, you can ask your instructor to refer students who are in his/her waiting list.


Yard and Household Assistant

People working for long hours are limited by sickness or physically challenged, thus they may need extra help around the home. You can offer to help with household chores, house cleaning and other similar duties. If you prefer outdoor work, you can mow lawns, pull weeds and take up extra duties that the home owner may request. You can also shovel snow during winter season.


Sports Officials

Sports officials are needed to judge games and work as referees during tournaments. Luckily for you, children’s sports are always ongoing throughout the year. You can easily work with your school’s sports schedule.


Other Options

Besides the above ones, teenagers can choose from some other jobs that hire at 15. There are many businesses that are willing to hire you; you just need to know where to look for. Find out which organizations hire 15 year olds and list them down. You can get work as a seasonal help or part-time employee with local businesses, family-owned enterprises and other similar businesses. Usually, these jobs don’t require too much of your time.

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Watching young children is a job that you can take up. You can offer to babysit the children of your families, friends and neighbors. To get good job leads, sign up with your hometown’s referral service. Your chances of getting such a job as a nanny are higher if you have first aid certification and have undergone a babysitting class. Parents are more comfortable leaving their children with qualified baby sitters.

Parts 2: More Things You Should Know

How much can a 15 year old earn?

At the age of 15 years, you lack the skills and experience required for most jobs. This means that you shouldn’t expect to earn a lot. The minimum wage is $7.25 per hour and once you build experience, your wages could increase to about $9 per hour or even more. You will be limited to work a certain number of hours, and there are also restrictions on the type of work you can take up. Despite the restrictions, you can still make money fast.

What you need to get a job at 15 years

At the age of 15 years old, you should already be a holder of a social security card. If you don’t have one, consider applying for one as soon as possible. Most employers will want you to have one before they can give you work. In some states, you will need to have the consent of your guardian or parent to work.

It also helps to check out the local county employment site to get more information on what is required if you want to work at 15. There is a form that will have to be completed by your employer and it is always advised that you have a look at the employment poster in your state. These posters provide a good reference guide as they summarize employment laws in your state.


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