Most ADHD experts often pin point a few specific jobs that they think people with ADHD will be perfect for. Thom Hartmann, one of such experts, wrote in in his book, “ADHD Secrets of Success”, that he uncovered in his personal research regarding people with ADHD and how most of them were thriving entrepreneurs. Similarly, another renowned psychologist, named Laura Honos-Webb, observed that people with ADHD were most suited to careers and jobs that have high simulation environments that keep them busy and interested. Such stimulating jobs involve careers as a musician, artist, stylist, designer, firefighter or entertainer in the media industry. Here we outline the 10 great jobs that would most appeal to people with ADHD.

10 Great Jobs for People with ADHD


Firefighter and Police Officer

These two occupations are ideal for individuals with ADHD as these jobs will keep them busy and on their toes all the time, and no two days in these jobs are the same. The excitement, stimulating environment and anticipation of every day are ideal motivators for ADHD diagnosed individuals, providing them a sharp contrast to the routine of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. jobs. Even though the training for these two jobs is tedious, with the right help of a mentor, firefighting and police force work are ideal jobs for people with ADHD.


Doctor and Nurse

Practicing medicine, whether as a doctor or as a nurse, is one of the best jobs for people with ADHD, since these are high-intensity environments, which are ideal for individuals with ADHD. Even though working in hospitals is strenuous, this keeps people with ADHD on their toes, helping them maintain their focus and work effectively. With a strong support-system, individuals with ADHD can even make through the tiring long hours and dealing with authoritative figures.



People with ADHD enjoy conversations and revel in the ability to be able to talk for long periods of time, making the job of a sales person an ideal occupation for them. Such a job surely provides them with a positive channel for their talkative nature.


Entertainer and Artist

The entertainment industry is one of the most stimulating environments that an individual with ADHD can find. Individuals with ADHD who are artists or entertainers can channel their need for constant activity and restlessness into their work and achieve great success.


Commission Salespeople

This is one of the best jobs for people with ADHD, as it requires constant movement and activity, along with interaction with a number of different people on a daily basis. People who work as commission salespersons can also escape the confines of an office which can be stifling for individuals with ADHD.



Individuals with ADHD also love working with different things that involve physical activity, so being a mechanic is one of the ideal jobs for people with ADHD. This job engages the individual’s critical thinking abilities and also allows interaction with a variety of other people, allowing them an escape from working in a confined area behind a desk.


Construction Worker

A job in the construction industry, especially on-site construction work, is a good job for people with ADHD, as it keeps them busy and forces them to work hard, while simultaneously providing clear and straightforward objectives and instructions. It also allows individuals to experience frequent changes in their environment, as their job as a construction worker takes them to different sites. The only hitch that individuals with ADHD have to deal with in the construction industry is to keep the patience to deal with figures of authority.


Delivery Truck Driver

Being a delivery truck driver is a pretty straightforward job with specified deadlines and instructions and it is one the ideal jobs for people with ADHD. Not only does this occupation allow individuals with ADHD to work outside of the stifling office environment, it also provides them with a clear set of instructions that they find easy to follow, providing them with a platform where they can use their energy to thrive in their job.



Being an entrepreneur is one of the best jobs for people with ADHD because being an entrepreneur means that they do not have to answer to anyone and they are their own boss. This is a fitting career choice for individuals with ADHD who find it hard to deal with authority figures, despite the fact that it requires a lot of hard work that people with ADHD mostly struggle with, such as planning and organization. But knowing that they are the sole owners of the business is enough for them to keep going.


Military Personnel

Individuals with ADHD need to engage in a lot of physical activity to channel their excess energy. This is why joining the military is a good option for individuals with ADHD. Although they have to deal with authority figures, which is an issue for people with ADHD, the need for intense physical activity and mental focus in the training keeps their bodies and minds actively engaged. Military personnel also have a clear set of instructions that they have to follow along with motivating incentives, creating an ideal environment for individuals with ADHD.

Tips for People with ADHD at Work

  • Individuals with ADHD should avoid clutter by keeping their work area organized.

  • To shut out distracting noises at the work places, they can use “white noise” earplugs or listen to soothing sounds.

  • Take frequent and planned breaks throughout the day to keep from getting frustrated because of sitting in one place for a long time.

  • Write down anything that they need to remember on a notepad, post-it notes or dry white boards.

  • To avoid excessive fidgeting during meetings, they should try to keep their hands busy by holding something.

  • Organize work into checklist and check off completed tasks.

  • To make work more manageable, they can break it into smaller tasks.

  • As an incentive, they can reward themselves for every completed task.

  • Request co-workers to email all information to them so that they tract it.

  • Five minutes before a meeting, they can set an alarm on their watch to act as a reminder.


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