Almost everyone would hope to have prestigious and interesting jobs. Depending on someone's preferences, the definition of a good job will vary. While people would love to be in a job that involves joking around or drinking beer, others will find this absurd. However, almost everyone prefers being in a coveted work position so that his or her friends will envy him or her. While some jobs are hard to get, there are others that are readily available.

Top 12 Jobs that Are Most Interesting


Brew Master

Average pay: About $49,536

What you need to start: For this kind of job, you first need to get training through the various programs in an array of brewing institutions in the country, including the Siebel Institute of Technology and the American Brewers Guild. Alternatively, you may also begin at the homebrew level.

General descriptip: This is one of the most fun jobs in the country, especially for people who love drinking beer. Although the job is not all about drinking beer, the roles of a brew master vary. Some of the roles of these professionals are to develop concepts, testing beer and running the business. As such, the job involves some level of drinking.

Where to find: According to the 2010 census data, California is the state with the highest number of breweries in the country which amounts to 245. Other states with a high number of breweries include Montana, Vermont and Oregon.


Disney Character

Average pay: About $54,995

What you need to start: Although this kind of job does not require any formal education, having some experience in acting and or dancing is an added advantage.

General descriptip: If you have a talent in acting, this is one of the interesting jobs to go for. To become a character in a Disney, you first have to attend the auditions. These auditions are meant to evaluate your physical coordination, attitude and movement rather than your communication skills.

Where to find: If you are aspiring to be a Disney character, you should either go to the Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL or the Disneyland situated in Anaheim, California.


Video-Game Tester

Average pay: About $71,685

What you need to start: For a simple game testing job, all you need is a highschool diploma and maybe a writing sample. However, other more advanced video-gaming jobs require that you have some level of education in computer science and or game designing.

General description: This job entails testing new games and offering proposals on how to improve user experience and functionality of the games. Additionally, you may also be required to research on the competitor games so as to help develop an outstanding game. It is one of the interesting jobs where you get to play new games before others do.



Average pay: Between $55,470 and $104,140

What you need to start: To be either a Wannabe MI5 or MI6 agent, you must have a minimum 2.1 level university degree in any field, preferably in Economics, Politics, Law, Geography, and History. Additionally, you are also required to have a British passport. You need to undergo both the recruitment and vetting processes, which may take up to six months to become a spy.

General description: The official name for a spy is an Intelligence Officer. To become a spy, you must be good at keeping secrets and telling lies. As an MI5, you will be responsible for protecting the country against national threats. MI6 agents on the other hand, gather intelligence from outside the country to aid in strengthening the economic, foreign, defense and security policies in the country.


Art Restorer

Average pay: About $50,690

What you need to start: To work as an art restorer, you first need to have a passion for the job and artistic skills. Additionally, you also need to attain a degree in Fine Art, during which you should specialize in a certain field such as textiles or restoration. You also have to be well acquainted with the cultural significance of the type of art you would like to restore. After graduation, it is advisable to take up an apprenticeship to enhance your skills.

General description: Generally, these professionals work with art galleries or museums. Additionally, they may work as private art collectors. Their main role is to restore pieces of historic art to their original condition. As an art restorer, you need to apply various techniques to restore historic art to its original good condition after years of neglect and damage.



Average pay: Between $30,000 and $50,000

What you need to start: Becoming a volcanologist requires mastery in scientific fields such as Geology, Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Geography. Therefore, you must have at least an undergraduate degree in any of these subjects to get this job. A masters or PHD degree in any of these fields will be an added advantage.

General description: Being one of the interesting jobs, this job offers an opportunity to work with universities in research and teaching as well as with the governments in hazard reduction. As a Volcanologist, you will have to travel across the world to study dormant, active and extinct volcanoes. Additionally, you will be charged with the responsibility of predicting eruptions and saving lives.


Body Painter

Average pay: between $18,000 and $102,000.

What you need to start: To become a body painter, you must have artistic skills as well as creativity. Additionally, you have to maintain a professional demeanor.

General description: Basically, body builders work at festivals, fairs as well as other festivals. Their work involves drawing an array of images and patterns on people’s bodies. Within this field, you may choose to specialize in various fields, including face painting. While some of these professionals are employed, the majority of them work on a freelance basis.


FengShui Consultant

Average pay: About $44,000

What you need to start: In most cases, these professionals are self educated. However, to gain a competitive edge in this field, you may go for formal training.

General description: This is one of the best interesting jobs for the lovers of art. It is an ancient Chinese science and art. The profession mainly focuses on the flow of energy, better known as "Chi", in relation to good health and wellness. This job may be practiced in any space, including office, garden or home.


Fragrance Chemist

Average pay: About $60,000 anually

What you need to start: Basically, to become a fragrance chemist, you have to be good at biochemistry and chemistry. In most cases, this job requires that the aspirants have a high-level degree, like a Master's degree or a PhD.

General description: The role of these scientists is to study the aroma of various molecules. Additionally, they also have the responsibility of determining how such odors may be used to formulate perfumes. These professionals mainly formulate and test scents for both men and women perfumes, lotions and soaps.


Hippo Therapist

Average pay:About $88000 yearly

What you need to start: To become a Hippo therapist, you have to meet all the requirements of the American Hippotherapy Association. To begin with, you have to go through the level 1 and level 2 treatment principles and equine skills if you are to be certified to work as Hippo therapist.

General description: Hippo therapy is a form of therapy that uses a horse's natural movement as a treatment plan for patients suffering from neurological and physical disabilities such as Down's syndrome, multiple sclerosis and autism. The pelvis of a horse moves in three dimensions, replicating the physiology of human walk, hence beneficial to patients of both physical and neurological disabilities.


Horticultural Therapist

Average pay: About $76,940 anually

What you need to start: Just like the majority of the interesting jobs, this job requires some level of training. To get into this job, you are required to undertake HT programs that are offered by various universities and colleges in the country. Additionally, you may also go through online horticultural therapy programs to be eligible for this kind of job. You may also enhance your skills through an apprenticeship.

General description: The job entails using the planting process and plants in physical and psychological therapy. This form of therapy is mainly used in rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, psychology offices and schools.


Bike Couriers

Average pay: About $12.43 per hour

General description: Bike couriers are very useful, especially in cities that experience constant traffic jams. They are a faster transportation option within cities, because they are not affected by traffic jams and parking problems. Bike couriers are currently used by various industries across the country, including fashion and food industries.


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