If a patient do not has any hope to live then he/she would die before any cure but what if we give them a hope to survive for more time then they expect? There were many patients in 18th century those were suffering from many critical diseases so that they could not even breathe by themselves because of choking of nerves and other problems. If they were given a pressure then it could lead to their death due to which it was necessary to release air pressure from their lungs so that they could breathe with small possible spaces in nerves.

Interesting Facts to Know About Iron Lung


How Iron Lung Was Invented?

The phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention” is perfectly fits for every invention those scientist have described. The same happens with the invention of iron lung a scientist from England named John Mayow gave an idea of it in 1670 than in 1832 a physician named John Dalziel described it in detail and after few years the idea was described again. 

This helped scientists to achieve successfully testing of it on monkeys. It was called as Drinker Respirator and said to be invented by Philip Drinker.


Types of Iron Lung

There were several kinds of lung created because of the inventions and renovations in designs of lung. At the starting of the use of lung doctors used wooden lung then they slowly developed and reached to stainless steel and cuirass respirator. An iron lung is provided separately in hospital to patient and they start terming it as my iron lung. Let us see how many different types of iron lungs can be noticed,


Working Principle of Iron Lung

It is a ventilator for those people who are not capable to breathe normally because of their loss of control on muscles those help in breathing. These ventilators are generally referred as negative pressure generating ventilators because they create vacuum for the body of patient so that pressure from the body is removed and it helps in breathing.


Uses of Iron Lung

In the 18th century there were a lot of iron lung polio cases. Children were suffering from the incurable disease and the only method to help them live was by the use of iron lung. Thousands of children were kept in iron lung to help them breathe. 

Many wards were completely occupied by children and other people suffering from iron lung polio. Then with improvement in technology the use of iron lung played a very crucial role in helping lungs and the complete body of the people to breathe.


Iron Lung in Modern Time

In the old times of invention of iron lung it could help patients only by generating negative pressure ventilation but as time spent and modifications were made to it the iron lung is now able to produce positive pressure to patients. 

Patients with paralyzed lungs could not be lived more than 14 days with old techniques of iron lung but now the iron lungs is capable of helping patients to live for years. There are several new techniques evolved those can help patients to breathe and to do normal routine by portable iron lungs.


The Longest Living Person with a Iron Lung

A polio victim June Margaret Middleton made Guinness World Iron Lung Records of living longest time in iron lung by living more than 60 years in an iron lung for her treatment. She born on 4th May 1920 and died on 30th October 2009. She loved her dog very much and celebrated his 60th birthday with her dog Angel and her friends.



There are many great inventions those doctors have made in order to help patients to live and survive at their best but the invention of iron lung played an crucial role to help them survive more than they expected. Thousands of patients those were young, old and infants were helped through iron lung making of Iron Lung Records is one of the example of this. 

There might be some reduction of its use but it was proved to be a very helpful to help patients live for more time.


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