Life is very complex. There are lots of complications in life. And if you cross all the huddles of your life and became successful, then everyone becomes your well wisher and will encourage you to do well in the respective field. But if you did not achieve success in your career, then there may be some persons that will try to break your courage and so will insult you. Obviously the insulting words will similar to a cup of poison to you. But don't be discourage and believe in yourself. There are two ways you can think about: think negative and think positive. Negative will always make you feel bad and make you a discouraged person, but the positive thinking will give you hope always, so let's see that what happen if we think about the positive or good meaning about the words people say to you to insult you.

Think Good, Have Courage, Be Successful

Let's take a look upon some insulting words said to discourage someone but with a new point of view.

You Are a Zero...

If some one calls you a zero, then think what is zero? Zero is the most important and first digit of mathematics. Without the invention of zero, no one can even think about mathematics, and without mathematics, the luxurious life we are living that is full of technology would be a dream only. So understand the importance of a zero and take it as a complement, so thank the person for giving you so much importance because zero is the real hero.



If someone insults you by saying you worthless, think that if you are worthless, then it means that you have nothing to loss and now you will only gain in your life. So be happy because the whole world is waiting for you, go and get your aims.


Stupid or Mindless...

If someone says you stupid or mindless, think that no human in the world can live without mind, and if you are thinking that you have no knowledge and experience, then it is important for you to know that no person is born talented in this world. The world is full of facts that are waiting to be discovered, so start getting discover these facts, prove the world your talent, and the whole world will welcome you.



If someone abuse by saying donkey, think that donkey is the only animal that works hard. And everyone knows the well known saying that "Hardwork is the key to success." So don't be sad,   one day you will get the rewards for all your hardworking and will be successful in your life.



Owl, a animal that cannot see even in the daylight. But on the contrary, it is the only animal that can see in the night, so one is worthless in this world. Everyone has some unique quality, you have to just recognize your unique quality and you will find the way to success in your life.



So the conclusion is that you have to become more concentrative to your aims. Don't listen to persons that try to discourage you and insult you. Always remember one thing that every person has some unique quality or talent. Every one is blessed by God. So always think positive and do work hard, one day you will get success and shine in the world.


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