Are your planning to start your own blog? If the answer is yes, you may need the following tips as your reference in your starting period.

Part 1


Make Friends, quickly.

I’ve mentioned many times before when I started blogging I didn’t know where it would take me. I never, ever wrote these words for fame and fortune. I really just wanted to connect with like minded people and maybe even motivate. My inbox has been filling constantly lately with opportunities–I can’t accept them all but just like that I have been allowed to bless a friend or two with a paid opportunity. I don’t have the highest numbers but one thing I do have is the most amazing audience a girl could ask for.

I remember the shade, the mean girl-ness I received at BlogHer 12 when no one took me seriously. I felt so lonely at a conference with over 3000 women–in my own city. I had only been blogging a year. Sure I knew a few people but I legitimately had no one to enjoy it with. It was maddening and not a feeling I was used to. You have to find your own way in this blog world because you will start off solo.


Be consistent/never stop working

I don’t consider myself a huge blogger but I am consistent. I have gone from being excited about my first real event to picking and choosing which events (if any) require my attendance. The quality of events have become increasingly more exclusive and payment for coverage is now the norm.

I say none of this to brag, but honestly I work hard on this page. Yet it never feels like work. I never feel the need to take breaks because although the work is time consuming — it’s effortless. I’ve never struggled to write a post. I think I could post at least 13-14 times a week if I had the time to do so, words just flow consistently and this blog is where they end up. The blog has never been a source of stress. Once it does, that’s the end. (See you on twitter!!)

If you really have a story to share give it your all. Many nights I stayed up late working on the blog without a dime coming in. In 2013/2014 I invested a lot of money in myself to go to blog conferences–learn–and implement immediately. Finally I can say I have an decent second stream of income while keeping my integrity in check.


Don’t Brag/Don’t Whine

Lately I’ve seen a lot of bloggers on the opposite sides of the spectrum. On one side there are bloggers who refuse to take less than “insert exorbitant fee here” per post—every single post is sponsored and they make sure they let everyone know about their “status”. Then there are bloggers who grumble at those making money, constantly comparing themselves, wondering why they aren’t picked for campaigns instead of making necessary changes for growth.

You get out what you put in. You waste a lot of time letting the world know how you feel instead in doing the work. There have been so many shifts in blogging since I started–new networks to master, new rules to follow. A great rule of thumb is to spend the most time where you feel most comfortable and make your blog into something that is yours–no one else’s.


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