If you experience sun blisters in addition to sunburn, then you know that your skin is in serious condition. Blisters won’t necessarily show up immediately and you may have to wait a few days or more to see them.

You should always contact your doctor or seek medical care if in addition to the sun blister symptoms, you also have nausea, vomiting, chills, or a fever. In cases where the sunburn blisters are the only problem, then you can try some simple home remedies to care for them.

How to Treat Sunburn Blisters

Sunburn blister treatment doesn't have to be that complicated; home remedies for sunburn blisters can heal them gradually without any side effects.

Try Moisturizer

You shouldn’t feel hesitant about using moisturizer or some aloe gel on your blisters. Simply be sure to stay away from heavy products like petroleum jelly as they will stop the heat and sweat from leaving. Another option is to cover your blisters with gauze until they are completely healed.


Use a Cool Compress

Cold compresses are a great way to reduce inflammation and pain associated with sunburn blisters. Simply soak a towel using cold water and then squeeze out the excess. After this, you can lay the towel on top of the blisters. Do this a few times to feel relief. If you choose to use ice, remember to never apply it directly to the blisters as it will worsen them. Also opt for cool baths instead of warm ones for several days for extra pain relief. 


Try Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the most popular home remedies for sun blisters and sunburns. This natural cure helps with minor burns by rehydrating the burnt skin, reducing pain, and helping you heal faster. If you have access to the fresh leaf, cut it down the middle, then apply the gel to your blisters, letting it dry. You can also buy an aloe vera gel if you can’t find the plant.


Get Relief with Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another great method of promoting healing while soothing your skin. One easy way to follow this treatment is to set up an oatmeal bath. Fill your bathtub using cool water then add two cups powdered oatmeal and optional rose petals. Soak in the tub for at least a half an hour. Another option is to wrap a cup ground oatmeal in some muslin or cotton cloth before boiling it in some water for several minutes. When it cools, you can use it like a sponge in your cool bath.


Use Baking Soda

Because baking soda is an alkaline, it helps to soothe the skin. As a bonus, its antiseptic properties will help relieve any itching that is normally associated with sun burn blisters. The easiest way to use this remedy is to run a bath with tepid water then add a quarter cup baking soda. Mix it together well and soak for between 15 and 20 minutes. If you want instant relief, you can apply a mixture of a teaspoon baking soda and a cup water on the affected areas. You can even make a paste using baking soda and vinegar and apply it before bed.


Change Your Diet

Following a nutritious diet can help speed up the healing process. Pay particular attention to foods that are rich in protein as the protein is the building block of healing tissue, helping to minimize scarring. Try to eat foods rich in protein like eggs, dairy, turkey, fish, and chicken.


Don’t Pick Blisters

Even if you are tempted, never pop or pick your blisters. The blister is there to protect your skin while it heals so if you peel the blister, the skin is at risk of infection. If your blister pops on its own, cover it using gauze as this will prevent infection. See a dermatologist right away if you think there is already a skin infection.


Take Care During Showers

When you shower, always be sure to opt for water that is slightly cooler than lukewarm. Adjust the water flow so it is gentle enough to not worsen your pain. You should also try to shower as little as possible since the water pressure could pop the blisters, leading to potential infection, pain, or scarring. When drying off, use gentle movements to pat the skin dry instead of wiping or rubbing your towel, as those actions can lead to irritation.


Protect Your Skin

While your skin is healing from the sunburn and blisters, be sure to protect it from the sun. Because your skin is tender, any extra sun will worsen its condition. If you do need to go outside and it is sunny, opt for long, loose pants or skirts so your blisters are covered until they disappear. Continue to wear sunscreen even after the sunburn blisters heal.


Try Over-the-Counter Medications

If your blisters or sunburn are painful, you can get relief from over-the-counter ibuprofen along with a cool compress. Remember that children should not take aspirin.

You can also try using cortisone cream, which contains a small amount of steroids. This cream can suppress the immune system’s activity and thereby reduce inflammation. Never use a product with lidocaine or benzocaine as some people are allergic to these substance, leading to a worsening of the burn. Also avoid using cortisone cream on those under two years old without the doctor’s suggestion and don't use it in the vaginal or rectal area of children under 12 without doctor recommendation.

When to Visit a Doctor

Anytime that you experience fever as well as sunburn, you should contact your doctor. Also pay attention for signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion, or shock as well as other serious negative reactions. Some signs that you need immediate care include:

● Painful, severe blisters

● Light sensitivity and eye pain

● Rash, chills, fever, or nausea

● Cool, clammy, or pale skin

● Extreme thirst, sunken eyes, or no urine output

● Rapid breathing or pulse

● Feeling dizzy or faint


Sunburns and sunburn blisters will usually improve by themselves, but they still have a negative impact on your health. A blistering sunburn will damage your skin cells, increasing the risk of skin cancer, particularly if sunburns are frequent as a teen or child. Anytime you are outside, opt for a sunscreen that is broad spectrum as it will protect from UVA plus UVB rays and opt for an SPF of at least 15. Remember to reapply the sunscreen frequently if it might sweat off or be washed off while swimming.


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