You just do not want to continue a job any longer, but you might find it a little hard to know how to quit. You may want to dance out the door and skip along the way but you have to be decent and do it in a professional manner. Many of you are not aware of how to tell your boss you quit, which is why people usually make their employers angry by doing it in the wrong way. This burns a lot of bridges, and that is never a good thing to do.

How to tell your boss you quit is never an easy issue and you have to be very cautious. You have to be polite, gracious, and even a little somber when you tell them that you are leaving. You have to do that, because your future is uncertain and you might cross paths with these people again in a professional capacity.

How to Tell Your Boss You Quit


Appreciation for the Opportunity

No matter how unhappy you are with your job or how bad things are at the moment, this company gave you an opportunity to gain some experience. Now you are a more mature person than you were when you accepted this job. You have probably learnt something at this job. Regardless of the experience you had at the firm, you have to show them that you are thankful to them for the opportunities they granted you.


The Leaving Reason

Every firm looks for the reason why you will be leaving there, and you have to at least give them an honest reason. You do not have to be specific and neither have to be blunt and brutal. Just give them a vague and plausible idea of why you will be leaving. 


Help Find a Replacement

There are many things that come into play when you leave a job and one of them is transitioning. If you state that you are willing to stay for a reasonable amount of time until they find a replacement, your superiors will be happy to oblige you. You can even offer to train the new person so that the transition is a smooth one and so you are able to part on good terms.


Give Due Notice

Be sure to give them some fair amount of time before you leave so that they can find someone in the meantime. However, do that under the principle of protecting your own interests, which ensures that you can receive the income for the time you have worked with them or will continue to work for them until you leave. Some companies hold salaries of the people who inform months in advance.


The Exact Date

Mention the date when you will be leaving so that they have an idea of when the transition period will begin. 


Be Prepared

Even though you will be willing to leave in a while, be prepared for the fact that your employer might want you to leave at the moment. Erase your drive, log out of your accounts on the company computer and take out your valuables from your desk drawer.


Possibility of Staying Longer

If your employer wants you to stay and receive pay until they find a replacement, at least think it over. And if you have such an intent, remember to mention or indicate that in the letter to let your boss know that the option is available.

Samples of How to Tell Your Boss You Quit

Sample 1: A resignation letter where you want to leave the job

Respected Sir,

I regret to inform you that I will be resigning from my post today. I want to make this transition easy for you which is why I will be working here for a minimum of two weeks during which time the company can find a replacement for me. I have learned a lot from the firm and hope this news does not show me in a bad light. This is just something that I have to do so that I can achieve my professional ambitions. Please let me know how I can help to make this transition easier on the firm.

Thank you.

(Your name)

Sample 2: Resignation letter is for people who want to stay but only if certain things change

Respected Sir,

Thanks for taking out the time for me; I have been meaning to talk to you regarding something very important for some time now. I have been considering leaving the firm for quite some time for a variety of reasons but the basic reason is the fact that ABC Company has offered me a job. I would much prefer to stay at this company but there are a few factors that need changing. If you would be willing to consider them, I would be more than happy to continue working here with you.

After that, you can list the reasons you cannot stay at the firm and what you want to change. If they are willing to oblige,  you can then stay at the job you want. You just have to be as reasonable as much so that they do not feel like you are taking advantage of them in any way. You just have to show them that you are asking for reasonable things.

(Your name)

Tips on How to Tell Your Boss You Quit

You can either resign in a gracious manner or earn the scorn of your employers. It is best to part on good terms and you can do that by following the steps listed below:

Make Sure That You Resign in Person

This is important because resigning without confronting your employer seems like a very cowardly act. In addition to that, it also shows arrogance and can signify that you are rude.


Give Them Time

You have to give at least two weeks’ notice before you resign. The attitude of your employer towards the news of your resignation will be determined by the way you resign, so if you want things to go smoothly then you have to make sure that you start in a very polite manner and be courageous. Always notify your boss in person and give them time to replace you.


Do Not Feel Like You Have to Explain Anything

Even though you are leaving, you do not have to give the specific reason as to why you came to this decision. However, just give them an overall idea so they know why you are leaving. This is a sign of respect and shows that you want to make the transition as smooth as it is possible for you and for the company.


Do Not Be Emotional

The worst thing you can do while resigning is have an emotional outburst. Do not blame your colleagues or employers and just be grateful and polite to them.


Make It Easy for Them

Even though you are leaving them, do not leave your employer in a bind. If you are working on a project then complete it before you leave. You may need to stay a little longer but do not burn your bridges.


Have Positive References

When you leave a company, it is integral to have everyone as a positive reference so that you do not have any trouble later on in your career when you cross paths with them. The professional thing to do would be not to burn any bridges. You should also keep your colleagues in the loop and be grateful to the company that you have worked for.


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