There are a lot of things evolving too quickly in our society today, from mobile phones to computer applications. Taking pictures is not an exemption. Today, there is what we call “selfie”, the act of taking a picture of yourself. This word is now even included in newly published dictionaries. Taking a selfie is a form of self-expression so it is important to know how to take a good one. This article lists down some tips to help you capture that perfect selfie.

How to Take a Good Selfie, Guys


Know your angle

Instead of taking a picture straight to your face, make it look like you’re taking a passport picture. So it is recommended to know the side of your face which is symmetrical and looks best in your photo. Capture this part to get better results. Try moving your head to the left or right so that your picture won’t look so plain. It is also encouraged to put the camera a bit higher than you because this will make your eyes look bigger and your nose smaller. 


Show something you are excited about

There are a lot of reasons that a person takes a selfie. One reason is that one has something new and feels so excited that he or she wants to show off. Some examples are new ear piercings, a new and adventurous haircut or maybe even a luxurious buy like a new sports car.


Get a proper facial expression

Another way to capture a great selfie is by posing a good-looking or distinctive facial expression for your picture. Some people prefer taking a selfie with a fierce look, some with an emo or a rugged look, but one thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with a smile. It makes you look sweet and like a ray of sunshine. Always, bear in mind this tip on how to take a good selfie, guys.


Highlight the feature

It is also important to know how to flaunt the feature you want to highlight. For example, if you want to highlight your blue eyes, it is recommended to wear a light colored shirt that will complement the color of your eyes. Another example is if you want to show off your lips, you should put on some lip gloss to make them look kissable.


Take a full-body photo

If you have been on diet and exercising extensively, you may want to show off how many pounds you have lost. When taking a full body shot, angle your hips a bit to the side where you are holding the camera, with your opposite shoulder and chest a bit pushed forward and your other arm freely swinging on the side of your hips. You may also want to stand with feet apart. Take a picture at a place where there is no so much clutter so that the attention will just be on your figure.


Make sure you have good lighting

People who loves taking photos especially selfies are very familiar with this -- lighting. It is a fundamental factor in taking a good picture. Taking a photo under direct sunlight may not be a good idea because this will make your face look oily. Too much light can make your pictures too yellow or red; sometimes it can also make your pictures blurry not unless your hand is held steadily. Some people add drama to their photos by taking a picture with light on half of their face or sometimes behind the light.


Bring out your natural look

It won’t hurt to show the world how you look like without makeup. Taking a “just woke up” photo is also a nice idea but if you think that your bedhead is quite messy, you may want to fix it a little and do your hair a bit. Other people will not notice this especially if you usually wear a nice hairdo every day. Then, you know it is not hard to solve the issue of how to take a good selfie, guys.


Check your background

Aside from making sure that there is no so much clutter around you, you also need to pay attention to your background because this can affect the outcome of your picture. Make sure there are no other things showing off on your side or poking around your head. Some background colors may also affect the automatic white balance of your camera so pay attention to these details.


Get a good camera phone

Just like what was mentioned earlier, the first batch of camera phones do not have the same specs that new camera phones have now. It is recommended to choose a phone with a high resolution camera because this will definitely help you capture more realistic and beautiful selfies.


Make sure to use the right filters

Another tip on how to take a good selfie, guys, is by knowing how to use your filters properly. When the first batch of camera phones came out of the market, they were not as good as they are now that’s why filters are made. When using these applications, make sure not to overuse them or better not use them at all to show your skin’s natural color. Some filters make your picture’s color very far from real life, and sometimes they make you look unhealthy.


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