If there is one look that never seems to go out of style, it’s the pompadour. The pompadour is a timeless hairstyle worn by people from all backgrounds and cultures. If you want to look cool, classy and edgy, then you simply cannot go wrong with the pompadour. It fits almost any type of face as it is normally contoured and cut according to the shape and size of your head. If you’re wondering how to style a pompadour, here is a brief guide.

Part 1: Start with a Great Haircut for the Pompadour

If you want a great looking pompadour, you need to find a barber who knows what they are doing. It is best to seek referrals if you do not know a good barber. Getting a great cut is the key to a good-looking pompadour. Your hair should be clipped very short on the back and the sides to bring out the contrast with the long top. The length of the top depends on your preference, but make sure some considerable length is left – about 4 or 5 inches. If left too long, the top won’t blend in well with the sides.

Part 2: Prepare Productions and Tools for the Pompadour

You'll need:

  • Ÿ Pomade

  • Ÿ Mirror

  • Ÿ Brush and comb

  • Ÿ Hair spray

  • Ÿ Blowdryer

The first thing you’ll need is a good pomade. There are plenty of brands and types available. You could opt for Heavy Weight, Medium Weight, and Light Weight. Light Weight pomade has the least amount of hold while Heavy Weight has the highest. You may also find out what works for you through trial and error. If your hair is fine, go with the lighter pomades. If you use a heavy weight pomade, it will take several washings to get it off. You will also require a good blowdryer, a brush, a comb, hair spray, of course, and a mirror.

Part 3: Style the Pompadour


Blow Dry after Taking a Shower

After you get out of the shower, dry your hair with a towel. Use your brush and a blowdryer to dry the hair on top. Make sure to direct the top hair upwards and backwards. The heat from the blow dryer will help with the height and setting up the style.


Apply Pomade on Your Hair

  • After you have dried the hair, take a pea sized amount of pomade in your hands and rub your hands together to emulsify and warm it. (Use very little pomade first as overdoing it will weigh down your hair.)

  • Apply pomade on the top and distribute evenly through your hair.

  • Once you’re done, slick the hair straight back on the sides and back towards the center on top using a brush.

  • Add more pomade if you need to. If you want to put a part on your pompadour, this is the time to do it.


Fine Tune Your Pompadour

Now for the final touches!

  • Place your free hand (the other is holding the comb) right in the middle of the top of your head such that it comes into contact with the slickened-back hair.

  • Push the hand forward while combing the hair at the front straight up. This way, you will get more volume and height at the front. It might not come out perfect the first time, but keep working at it.

  • When you finally get the required height at the front, brush your hair near the top on the sides straight back. Use the comb to tame any hairs that may be out of place.

  • Once you’re satisfied with your new look, use a light coating of hairspray to set the hair.

You can style the pompadour in a variety of ways including messy and loose to slick and tight. If you want to learn how to style a pompadour, you would best take time to practice and discover what works best for you. Do not despair with the outcome the first time round as you are bound to get better with a bit of practice!


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