You and your girl are perfect match. But there is always something that keeps bothering you. That is about your sex life. You are not sure if you really make your girl orgasm or she just fakes it to make you happy, letting you believe that she enjoys having sex with you. Well let me tell you – it isn’t that difficult to spot fake orgasm. You just have to keep an eye out for certain signs. But what are those signs?

How to Spot Fake Orgasm

Some signs are obvious, but some are so subtle that only those looking for them specifically will be able to spot them. Have a look at both categories of signs below:

Check her pupils

When women get orgasms, their brains send chemicals like endorphins to the rest of the body, which in turn forces their pupils to dilate. It’s a psychological response that’s completely out of a woman’s control, which means she can’t control it even if she wants to. So if her pupils aren’t dilated, you have your answer.


Check her vagina

Kinda obvious, but a lot of men are still clueless about this one. When you’re inside her and she’s experiencing an orgasm, her vaginal walls will contract. That pressure can easily be felt by your penis because those walls will become tighter. And that’s not something you can miss.


Check her chest and cheeks

Orgasms leave women flushed, and this is how to spot fake orgasm. Whether someone is flushed can easily be seen if only you notice her chest and cheeks. Are they flushed with a pink or peachy glow? If yes, then congratulations, she had an actual orgasm. However, if her skin’s the same color as the rest of her body, she did not get an orgasm.


Check her expression

This is one of the clearest giveaways of whether or not she had an orgasm. Was she extra active during her moans and when it all ended, it was like a switch turned off inside her and she was back to normal? In this case, she may be faking it. More signs include her wanting to hurry things up, or if she has a bored expression on her face.


Check her body

If your lady is mostly on the tamer spectrum when having sex, then you can easily notice whether or not she’s had an orgasm by noticing her body. Is she trembling or is she completely normal? I mean, she just experienced an orgasm, right? It’ll take a few seconds, if not minutes, for her body to get back to normal. And that’s your window of opportunity to work on whether she is faking it or not.


Check her attitude

Does she usually keep silent after sex, immediately wear her clothes or even start checking her notifications on her phone? Then in all probability you bored her, which in turn means she didn’t have an orgasm. Also, if she usually goes to the bathroom when you two are done having sex, you can bet she’s finishing your job for you by masturbating there.


Check her breathing

Again much like pupil dilation and the flushing of cheeks, breathing too is an involuntary activity. Orgasms are pretty similar to doing a cardio session, so if she doesn’t breathe heavily after having sex i.e. her breathing is normal, then she didn’t have an orgasm.


Check her body temperature

This is yet another involuntary reaction women have when experiencing orgasms. Her entire body should have elevated temperature, because after all, it’s indulging in a type of workout, right? Check different parts of her body like her hands, back or abdomen to see whether the temperature is normal or increased.


Check for sweat

How to spot fake orgasm? This is one of the quickest ways. As already mentioned above, orgasms are pretty similar to doing a cardio session. And when was the last time you did a little cardio without sweating? Besides her face, also check the back of her knees for sweat.


Check the timing

The average woman experiences orgasms for over 20 minutes (yes, really). So if she’s the queen of quick coming, then she’s lying to you about her orgasms.



At the end of the day, I believe that orgasms are given way too much credit, especially since it makes men feel inadequate if they aren’t able to make their women climax. Men, here’s the deal – sex is but one tiny portion of the relationship. If she really loves you, then orgasms aren’t the biggest deal for her – being with you is. And if she’s with you despite faking it, she is still really into you.

Not all women prefer earth shattering sex – some are pretty content with mediocre sex. And guess what? There’s nothing wrong in mediocre sex. Sex is NOT the determining factor in your relationship – how you treat her is.

Plus, if you’re SO worried about how to spot fake orgasm, maybe try talking things out with her instead of googling articles on the internet? Trust me, that’ll help you a lot more.


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