Exams are always stressful, whether you have studied the whole year round, or have just opened the textbook the night before. No wonder so many people are looking for ways to know how to relax before an exam!

Relaxing before an exam could be a tricky business; but if you know the appropriate methods, it would be easy for you to spend some comforting time before you have to sit for your exam. Spending some calming hours rather than some nervous hours before the exam could prove to be extremely important for you; it is therefore important that you learn how to relax before an exam.

15 Best Ways to Relax Before an Exam

Knowing how to relax before an exam is crucial, because your exam depends on how you will be feeling before and during it. To relax before an exam, here are some tips that you can try.

Don't Cram the Night Before the Exam

Many students begin their study the night before the exam, or at least start a new chapter the night before. This is actually one of the worst mistakes you can make if you want to learn how to relax before an exam. Studying should be taken lightly before an exam, if at all.


Think Positive

Always keep your thoughts positive, that's an important tip on how to relax before an exam. Even if you are not very prepared for the examination, you should be positive about the outcome. Keep thinking optimistic and encouraging thoughts about the exam, and you will automatically feel better.


Don't Fear Failure

Don’t be too afraid of failing; it will make you feel less confident than you are. Take your failure as an adventure, or rather just a bump in the road. Don't be too afraid of what changes a bad exam would mean to you, because doing so will make you even more scared than you are.


Don't Make This Test Everything

Remind yourself that this is just a test, although an important one, and not everything in your life is dependent on it. The more pressure you put on yourself, the more nervous you are going to be. If you want to know how to relax before an exam, tell yourself that this exam "is not everything".


Try Some Chocolates

Yes, you heard it right! Try some chocolates because they will help you relax to a great extent. Not only because chocolates are everyone’s favorite treat, but also because a small bar of chocolate - especially dark chocolate - can regulate the secretion of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for creating stress in the body.


Chew Some Gum

Don’t worry if it is not a healthy habit; chewing some fruit flavored gum can also regulate your stress hormone level and help you feel relaxed. Try this technique on your way to your exam for the best results!


Take a Nap

If you are not comfortable with a full night's sleep, try taking a brief nap instead, for an hour or two. A power nap is what you need sometimes to feel relaxed before an examination is due; especially if you are studying the night before an exam, take a few hours out of your schedule and take a nap.


Count from 10 to 1

This technique is not only for reducing your anger; it can be an aid in relaxing as well. This is actually a focusing exercise where you can control your mind to keep it busy, so you won't have to freak out and worry about the exam.


Imagine Something Wonderful

Close your eyes and try to imagine something wonderful - you're going on an all-expense-paid vacation to the Bahamas for two weeks, your book just got published, the guy/girl of your dreams just asked you out on a date. Even if it’s just wistful thinking, it will help you feel good and relaxed for a few minutes.


Try Some Green Tea

Even if you haven't made this healthy choice before, this is the perfect time to try sipping some green tea. The taste might be bitter, but green tea has a wonderful effect on reducing your stress and tension. Also, it is much better than drinking multiple cups of coffee that will surely make you jittery.



Meditation should be a part of your everyday life, but most importantly, before your exams. You don’t need to take a course to know how to meditate; just try to relax your body and regulate your breathing, keeping your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths and focus completely on achieving inner peace, and you can slowly feel yourself relaxing.


Give Yourself a Massage

Sometimes, a soothing massage is what you need! If there's no one to give you a massage or a foot rub, do it yourself. Take some soothing and cooling lotion - lavender or Aloe Vera - and rub on your hands. You can massage your head, forehead, scalp or foot until your body relaxes under the pressure from your touch and the lotion.


Squeeze on a Stress Ball

Stress balls can work wonders when you want to relax before an exam. Squeezing on stress balls can help you relieve stress by giving your hands something to do, and your mind can focus on something physical happening on your body.



If you feel the need to study immediately before an exam, take this time to socialize with friends. Remember to keep your socializing to a limit though; you wouldn't want to wake up on the morning of the exam with a hangover and cannot remember anything that happened the night before!


Go out into the Nature

Try and spend some time in nature if you want to relax; take an hour out of your study schedule and take a walk. Take the scenic route while going to sit for the exam so that you feel relaxed and refreshed. Nature - the trees, the birds and the flowers - can help you feel stress-free.


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