Due to modernization, the use of computers has become a regular part of our lives. We use computers not only at work but also in school and at home. Computers are very helpful in most of a person’s task, but along with this are its side effects especially to the eyes. Some of the common complaints are eye strain, redness, physical fatigue and work errors. This article will give you different tips on how to reduce these side effects whenever you are in front of the computer.

How to Protect Eyes from Computer


Position the computer far enough from you

Try doing the high five test to make sure that you are seated far enough from the computer. Stretch your arm and check if you can high five the screen, if yes, this means that you are seated too close and you need to move the computer further away from you. 

Next is to make sure that you are four to five inches away from the screen. Ideally, you should be looking down the screen, and this is to make sure that your eyelids cover most of your eyeball, which keeps your eyes moisturized.


Open and close your eyes often

Your eyes blink naturally twenty times in a minute, but once you are in front of the computer, this drops into half making your eyes dry. Make sure to blink every five seconds; but if you find this as a distraction, try to have computer breaks every twenty minutes by looking away from the computer, which allows your eyes to rest and blink naturally.


Avoid light reflecting from your screen

When light reflects on your screen, this produces glare that can strain your eyes. There are different ways to avoid this. 

  • Avoid working with a window behind you, because the light coming from the window will reflect back to your screen and eyes. Use curtains or drapes if you can’t avoid sitting near windows. 

  • You can also try making use of light bulbs with low wattage as these produce lesser light.

  • Lastly, make sure to regularly clean your screen because dust can also produce glare on your screen.


Have a computer break

Experts from the American Optometric Association recommend having computer breaks because this is another way of how to protect eyes from computer. For every two hours that you are in front of the computer, make sure to look away from the computer screen for fifteen minutes. This will not only allow your eyes to rest and re-lubricate, it's also good for your joints and back.


Consider using eye wear

If you are using contact lenses, you may feel uncomfortable once they become dry. Consider visiting an eye professional and ask if they can modify your prescription glasses into that kind of eye wear that are suitable for prolonged computer use.


Rearrange your workstation

Eye strain can also be caused by constantly looking at a printed paper and your computer screen, avoid doing this by putting the paper on a stand and make sure that this is well-lit. You must also consider purchasing ergonomic tables and chairs so you can properly position your computer and yourself in a way that will not cause you eye and posture problems.


Do eye exercises

One good eye exercise is the “20-20-20” rule. Do this by looking away from your computer every twenty minutes then gaze at an object that is at least twenty feet away from you for twenty seconds. This is another way on how to protect eyes from computer as it relaxes the focusing muscle inside the eyes. 

Another recommended exercise is by looking at a distant object for ten to fifteen seconds then look at a near object for ten to fifteen seconds. Do this ten times. This exercise prevents a condition called accommodative spasm where the eyes’ focusing ability tend to “lock up”.


Check your computer’s display settings

Another important thing to do to keep your eyes healthy is to adjust your computer’s display settings. Make sure that the brightness of your screen is the same as your surroundings; make sure it is not too bright or too dark. Lastly, consider the text size and color contrast you are using especially if you are typing a long document. Colors that are too bright can strain your eyes.


Eat healthy

In terms of how to protect eyes from computer, eating foods that are healthy for eyes is also a great way. Fish oil is not only good for the heart but for the eyes too. It contains omega-3 that helps prevent age-related macular degeneration. Other foods like carrots, dark leaf greens, grapefruit, strawberries, and Brussels sprouts are also great.


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