Are you at the age where you start to want to start having kids? Worried that your sperm count is low? A fertile semen contains more than fifteen million sperms per milliliter. There are many reasons that could bring that number down. It could be stressed out, testicles too hot or a STI that is affecting the sperm production. How to produce more sperms? Continue reading to learn more on what boost and what kills your counts.

How to Produce More Sperm: Try These 8 Proven Methods


Improve Your Diet

Believe it or not, male today produced much less sperm than we did ages ago. The key reason? Poor diet. Lack of vital vitamins and more toxins in processed food interfere with the fragile sperm cells production.

If you want to raise the male sex hormone levels, then you better start eating unprocessed food. Focus on your diet as a whole, eating fresh fish or steaks, along with plenty of nuts and vegetables (Recommended: asparagus, berries, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and citrus fruits) daily.

Go for milk substitutes (e.g. almond, hazelnut milk) as they are less likely to have hormones contamination which farmers used to maximize milk and meat yields at industrial levels. Same reason to avoid cheap fish due to their exposure to heavy metals. If you are into tea, green tea is known to increase energy levels. Consuming Ginko Bibola (a type of nut) can improve capillaries circulation. Another type of nuts that are considered to boost sperm count includes cashews, peanuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Anything that contains high-fructose corn syrup and soy-based food must be avoided at all cost. High fructose syrup isn't healthy to begin with since it causes insulin resistance, which in turn lower fertility (30% more sperm for men who don’t drink coke compared to the ones that drink a quart regularly). While the mild estrogenic effect on the body from eating soy foods may be good for females, it’s not so great for sperm grooming.


Lose Weight

There is an inverse relationship between your weight to the number of sperm count. Studies found that obesity leads to lower sperm count although they have no idea what exactly causes it. But with a recent French study, obese men were found 42% more likely to produce a lower sperm count to the non-obese. In the same study, obese men were 81% more likely to produce no sperm on ejaculation.


Keep Them Cool

Testicles are dangling slightly outside the human body for a reason. The ideal temperature for sperm growth is on the range of 29 to 35 degree Celsius. Our body, however, is operating usually at 37-degree Celsius.

Sperms production has been found to slow down significantly if the temperature even rises above the 36-degree line.

The process of spermiogenesis (or the production of sperm) is highly sensitive to a myriad of environmental factors (resource availability, hormones, and temperature). So male is producing much less in a less than satisfactory condition. Then this will negatively affect the health and motile of the sperm to fertilize an egg when the time comes.


Moderate Exercise

While exercising does not directly increase the sperm and semen production (unless you are obese), exercising the related muscles can help you strengthens your performance on bed. Men equate this to what it means to be a man. Kegel exercises should be done regularly and soon enough you will be impressed by the result.

It’s not just Kegel that you should focus on, however. A 2013 study discover that men who exercised regularly are rewarded with higher sperm counts that the ones who didn’t. As the author of the study mentioned, weightlifting increase testosterone levels and insulin sensitivity, both of which are related to male fertility.


Learn to Manage Your Stress

Although is little stress is fine, fundamentally, stress is unhealthy. Your testosterone manufacturing in the testes interferes. The result of high stress? Low sperm production.


Stop Smoking and Drinking

Sperms counts in smokers are lower than the one who doesn’t. Moreover, they move slower and often misshapen. In a study, smokers have 22% less sperm than non-smokers. Marijuana use does have the same effect. If you want to boost your sperm, maybe you should consider cutting back on them.

Alcohol dramatically spikes up your estrogen levels since it affects your liver function. Testosterone is linked to health and production of sperms so that’s a bad news for you drinkers out there. Two drinks a day are more than enough to deal long-term impacts on the production of sperm. So if you want to know how to produce more sperm, then stop smoking and drinking would be your first thing to do.


Try Maca Root

A black variety of Maca root can help to improve sperm motility and production. It’s a fertility herb, all natural and helps to balance your hormones level.

Add it to your diet. 1 to 3 spoons of the root in 2 doses daily for a few months would be enough. You can simply add it to your smoothie, protein shake, a glass of water or as a cereal topping. As the fiber content is quite high, you might want to start with a half teaspoon and slowly increase the dosage over the weeks.


Use Supplements

Numerous clinical studies have continued to demonstrate the effectiveness of amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and l-carnitine to help promote the sperm count and motility.

  • L-carnitine can be found in red meat and milk. It’s a form of natural amino acid and, of course, boosts your production and speed of sperm.

  • Folic acid can be found with grains based food. The combination with zinc increases sperm production.

  • L-arginine can be found in nuts, eggs, meat and sesame seeds. Highly regarded as a natural sperm enhancer.

  • Antioxidants the likes of vitamin E and selenium are also known to raise sperm concentration and speed.

Note that you can take all of the above in the form of supplements.


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