Any legal business has to stay clean. It is not a metaphor, but sometimes it is considerably hard to choose a cleaning service for your business needs. Normally cleaning contractors come to the premises when you finish working. You will be surprised to find a lot of cleaning agencies offering all kinds of cleaning services around your area. But will it be easy for you to pick up the right one? Remember that you are not booking a cheap hostel for a one night stand somewhere near Ibiza. This is serious, because your business matters not only to you.

How to Pick the Right Cleaning Service for Your Business?


Get a quote

You will have to call several companies and ask them to come to your premises. Once they come they will evaluate the amount of work that needs to be done. Then they will be ready with a quote for you. See if you need something added to the list of cleaning duties. Generally cleaning companies offer vacuuming, dusting and sanitizing with some extra carpet cleaning occasionally. You can always add window cleaning or mopping and see how this is going to affect on the price of the whole package.


Are they insured?

Make sure your cleaning contractor is insured. Insurance is very important for all sides of the business. Thus, each side should be protected from any contractual failures.


Read what you sign

Do not sign the contract on the same day it was offered to you. Read it very carefully and make sure you understand every comma in it. You may think that you discussed everything with the agency when you were given a quote from them. But you never know if their secretary has typed everything correctly. Make sure there is a trial period for a cleaning contractor and choose the best terms and conditions for your business. Most companies tend to sign yearly contracts, but you might like to go for a monthly contract at first.


Experience over reputation

A cleaning company’s experience and reliability should be the first things to consider before you choose their services for your business. If the company has been an active participant in the cleaning industry, that means they have established ways and techniques of delivering their cleaning services through the years. Also, check their client feedback and see how big their previous contracts have been. If the firm has been focusing on small jobs during the last decade, it might not be the right option for your production oriented business. But if you need a small-scale cleaning job done, do not hire an industry giant that might not respond to your business needs.


References are available on request.

Always feel free to request some references from the cleaning company’s previous clients. You might find it useful to contact them and see if they were satisfied with the cleaning services provided by the company in question. You also have to understand that any feedback can be easily misinterpreted. So do not rush into reading reviews on the Internet. You will have a trial period to see for yourself if the service you chose for your business is being delivered in the right manner by the company you signed a contract with.

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