Laziness: the desire to simply not do anything, to resist any form of effort, and to remain idle for the extended period of time. It is the state of total passivity, letting things stays as they are as everything else moves on without you. We all enjoy a little laziness at times, like on a day that is just too cold or too warm. Sometimes we deserve it, such as after a long day of hard work. But you can’t be in this state for too often, lest you fall behind to others that are putting in all the efforts. How to overcome laziness? Live life to its fullest and achieve your goals, and learn how to overcome laziness in this article.

8 Most Effective Methods on How to Overcome Laziness


Find Your Motivation

The strongest reason for laziness, is the lack of motivation to. You just have no determination to do anything, you delay the things you are supposed to do, often with no good reason but, to procrastinate. Finding motivation is often easier said than done, but it is what drives anyone to achieve anything even remarkably small, such as doing your chores. Finding one or changing the existing motivation can come from many places. Repeating affirmations to get things done could work. Maybe seeing the bigger picture of what you will accomplish in the end of the goal you have set yourself. Keep your focus on the rewards if you must, often that could be the only thing that rewards you, no need to get all philosophical.

The key is to always have the end of the goal in mind, of what you want and are going to achieve. That is the strongest source and possibly the most efficient motivation.


Think About Benefits and the Consequences

Write down the pros and cons of overcoming your laziness. If you take actions instead of lazing around now, what are the incentives you are receiving from overcoming your obstacles and difficulties now. Instead of focusing on the task that you are going to need complete, you focus on its completion. Dwelling on the task only leads to discouragement, which in turn makes you procrastinate and lazy. Have your mind and attentions focused on the upsides, not the downsides.

See the bigger picture. What are the consequences of being lazy now and not completing the task in hand? Motivating yourself by seeing the consequences of your inaction could certainly be a way to push you to finish your tasks.


Get Organized

The way your surroundings looks might have the bigger impact on the way you feel more that you think. Being in a messy house will make you feel more overwhelmed easier. Clutter invites the sense of chaos and adds cleaning your house to the mental checklist of things that you are supposed to be doing with your time.

Clean the house beforehand and keep it that way. Organize your very physical surroundings and it will rack in natural motivation, promote productivity and you being active. You are also making everything so much simpler and manageable. With an organized home, you will have one thing off your mind and have something that you know you are in control off. You will then stay motivated while you organize every aspect of your life and attempt to complete the tasks that you’ve neglected.

Laziness in on itself is just a form of escape from reality, by simply avoiding incoming effort or difficult task. In the natural irony of life, once you start to tackle your tasks one by one, you will find that you will soon be facing fewer obstacles and feel less overwhelmed by the entire thing. Then you will achieve your goals in no time.


Break Down a Task into Smaller Tasks

We see a task in front of us and just find it too overwhelming, too big. It will take too much of your time and you will be tiring yourself out by the end. Solve the problem by breaking the task into several smaller chunks. You won’t be intimidated by the size of it anymore. You will now have a series of small tasks rather than one giant task. You won’t think you need to put in as much effort into it anymore, although the tasks could get more tedious with the numbers as a result.

Apply this approach not only to the task. Use it on your goals and everything else that you need to be done. This will help to conquer your resistance towards effort and melt that pesky laziness away.


Make a To-Do List

You see yourself in a messy situations where you have a pile of work in front of you. It’s so easy to lose track of all work that needs to be done and what you have finished. A to-do-list is what you will need. It helps to put the chaotic situations into something you can regain as an overview. The most important part, however, is that writing everything down might often show that you have less work that you actually think you have.

Create a to-do-list and arrange all the tasks from the easiest to the more difficult, most people find that finishing the easier task first helps to keep them going.


Reward Yourself

Overcoming laziness and accomplishing a task should always come with a reward. No matter how small it is. It helps to reinforce positivity with putting in the effort and completing all the things you are supposed to do. Just make sure that the rewards you receive scales with the amount of efforts you put in.


Have Someone Else Do the Unpleasant Tasks

You might just hate the task at hand so much that you would rather not do it. Calling customer service to cancel your phone contract, going to the post office to mail a letter for your parents, doing the taxes yourself, calling the airline to book a ticket or heading to the bank to withdraw some money. Those causes laziness. Why not get someone else to do it instead? We only want to do things that we enjoy doing, that little thorn of tasks anchor you down and demotivate you.

Get someone to do it for you. A friend, your wife, your girlfriend, a partner, a personal assistant or pay for an actual service to help you gets things done. There is something called the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the things we are supposed to do is the things we hate to do but need to be completed anyway. The other 20 percent is the ones we truly enjoy or of that much importance that you need to prioritize above everything else. If you can have someone else to do it, then let them!


Set Some Deadlines

Deadlines are the bane of procrastinators. It is the limit time you can delay doing a task for so long after all. These could instead be motivation to get you started in the first place. As you should know, the first barrier of procrastinating is to get the task started first. Once you do, however, everything will be easier as you complete the more and more difficult task. Set a deadline and strictly follow it.

All in all, these 8 ways to help overcome your laziness should help you. If you are a major procrastinator for a long time now, you will find it much harder to overcome this matter, the law of inertia applies to mindsets after all. Focus on the tips mentioned above and understand that how to overcome laziness takes an arduous gradual process applied on your daily life. Eventually, you will get that one motivation that will keep you going.

Remember this: Overcoming laziness is the first grand step to take toward a better life.


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