If you feel like every day of yours is like the one before, where you trudge through every single day of your life with little to no energy, then this article is exactly what you need to read right now. Whenever you look at people who always seem so full of life and energy and wonder, "How is it even humanly possible to be this invigorated?" well, know that the answers might surprise you. Not because these answers are so out there, but because they’re so commonplace that most of us won’t give them a second thought.

How to Not Be Tired

If you religiously follow the points mentioned below, then slowly but steadily, you will see a remarkable increase in your energy levels:

Avoid sugary sweets for breakfast

Donuts, muffins and even certain cereals are full of sugar and empty carbs. Now they will give you an instant rush of energy, but that comes at the cost of feeling tired soon after. It’s better to opt for a simpler breakfast, like eating fruits, drinking fruit juice (the freshly squeezed type), oatmeal or pretty much anything healthy you’d normally not eat in the morning.


Stop smoking

Again, even though nicotine acts as a stimulant, the act of smoking takes up a lot of energy from your body, by depleting the amount of Oxygen that your blood stream receives. Thus, making you feel tired more than you would be when you’re not smoking.


Take small breaks in between

Sitting for extended periods of time in the same posture eventually affects your breathing patterns and also lowers your heart rate. This in turn makes you feel tired. So how to not be tired even if you have to sit for long? Get up and take a stroll for a minute for every hour that you sit. Always remember to never sit for longer than an hour without taking a break.


Keep your senses active

Listen to music, chew gum or eat an apple when working, smell your fav perfume or food item (like chocolate) from time to time, because these little things stimulate your senses like no other. The sharper your senses are, the less tired you are likely to feel.


Let there be light!

Whenever you’re working, make sure there’s an abundance of sunlight streaming in your room. Apart from giving your body the vitamin D that it needs, it also keeps your body alert. If that’s not possible, make sure you’re using enough artificial light in your room or office so as to keep the room well lit.


Don’t skimp on your sleep

8 hours is a must. Naps are good, but they cannot replace your regular night sleep. And do keep in mind to keep your naps no longer than 40-60 minutes. Anything beyond that is not required for your body to recharge itself. Speaking of which…


Don’t compensate by sleeping “extra” on off days

Be consistent with your sleeping cycle. Don’t sleep 4 hours on the weekdays and then compensate by sleeping 15 hours straight on weekends. It’s only going to make you feel even more tired than before. Stick to your body’s natural sleep cycle, and you’re good to go.


Indulge in a little banter

How to not be tired? Simple. Talking to a friend or colleague can often give you an instant dose of energy. Not to mention it improves your interpersonal skills and improves your relationship with the said person.


Avoid Netflix before going to sleep

No matter how much you like to keep yourself updated on the latest episodes of your fav series, you need to know that being this stimulated or excited before going to bed does you no good. The same goes for checking all your social media accounts on your phone before going to bed. At least an hour before you’re going to sleep, promise yourself to stay away from your TV, tablet, laptop or phone.


Do some physical activity

Now this might sound counterintuitive, but hear me out. An intense workout forces your body to release endorphins, also known as the “happy hormones”, which help improve your mood. Plus, your body also releases adrenaline, which means that ever though you may be physically tired, you’re actually going to feel more active than ever before.


Breathe in fresh air

Sometimes, a breath of fresh air is all you need to instantly feel invigorated. So go ahead and take a 5-minute break from your desk to take a walk outside. If that’s not possible, then simply open the window, breathe in some air and enjoy the scenery before you.


Regulate your breathing

Breathing is something that pretty much everybody takes for granted. However, what none of you realize is that breathing is very important when it comes to preserving energy. Much like your sleep, your breathing needs to be regulated. Yes, it’s tough to do so in the beginning, but it’s worth the effort. Always make sure you take in slow and deep breaths, because this allows your body to not only breathe in more Oxygen, but also keep more blood flowing throughout the day. This is one subtle but effective method on how to not be tired.


Think of pleasant things before dozing off

Now this might seem too simple or even crude, but if it works, it’s worth a shot. The thing is, if your body is tired, you can easily calm it down by training your mind to think of pleasant things, like say a beautiful mountain scenery or a calm waterfall in the middle of a forest. If this doesn’t work, then simply play some piano or new age music in the background at very low volume. It’ll help calm your nerves and senses. Once your mind is relaxed, your body will follow suit.


Monitor your period

If your periods are close, then you might experience symptoms like bloating, stomach aches and insomnia. For this, your body needs extra rest and as little stress as possible.


Take a shower

Obviously this doesn’t work in every situation, but whenever possible, jump in the bathroom and take a quick shower. For those working in offices, you can easily go to the bathroom and splash your face with cold water. It works just as well.


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