An unmotivated and uninterested sales team could be the reason for your business to fail; if that is the case, you really need to know how to motivate sales team. When your sales team is motivated and happy, it definitely has a positive effect on your company.

Motivating your sales team is a tricky job that is very important for your business, and should be taken very seriously. A happy and motivated sales team could be the one factor that makes your company great, or it could be what breaks your business!

10 Most Effective Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

It is important to know how to motivate sales team so that your employees become passionate about their work and their company.

Be a Part of the Team

Even if you are the CEO or the owner of the company, your place should be along your team in order to know how to motivate sales team. It's not sufficient that you order your team to make the sales, but you need to get down and work along with them. A boss who only orders is not a true leader; a leader is the boss who comes down their position to help their team. So, instead of just ordering your sales team, help them fulfill the quota.


Give Them Manageable Goals

Don't give them extraordinary goals that they will probably not be able to achieve just because you can - that's not the right way to know how to motivate sales team. Rather, as a good leader and boss, you have to understand their capability and their scope to give them sales goals that they can manage. Giving your sales team goals that are completely unattainable will only add to their stress level and make them overworked. An overworked employee is not a good factor for your business, and an overworked and hassled sales team can be the downfall of your company.


Know Them Personally

If it is possible, try to know and interact with each member of your sales team personally because that is a great way to know how to motivate sales team. A boss who is interactive and friendly is a boss everyone likes, and when your sales team likes you, they would be motivated to do their best for your business. Treat them like they are your friends and not just your employees, and they will do the same for you.


Consider Giving Bonuses

If there's anything that can motivate an employee, it's the promise of reward in form of money. Promise your sales team monetary reward when an employee reaches their quota, and keep that promise. Every employee loves the idea of getting a bonus based on their performance apart from their monthly salary.


Motivate Them Beyond Money

You need to make your motivational speeches so that it's not only about money, but something more than that. Your sales team shouldn't only work because of their salary or their commission, but because they love the company and because they want to see the company progresses.


Don't Forget to Celebrate Together

If there's some good news to celebrate, do it with your sales team, because they are the ones who help your business prosper. Celebrate every single of your successes together, and involve them in your happiness. You don't have to go into much trouble to celebrate your company's success; breaking open a champagne bottle will be enough to just mark the occasion.


Regular Rewards Would Be Nice

Whenever a member of the sales team reaches their quota, reward that person. A small gift, a plaque with their name that they can show their families, the title of "Employee of the month" or just a celebration of their achievement publicly - these small recognitions would be enough to make your sales team members feel valued. They would strive better to work for your company because they will feel that their hard work is being appreciated.


Create a Lively Environment at Work

Create an environment at work where your sales team would love to work; change your office to look pleasant and lively, and a pleasure to work in. Including a little entertainment in your workplace will not reduce your employees' productivity. Rather, if they can have a little fun in their workplace, they will be motivated to work better.

By creating a pleasurable environment at the office, you will be giving your sales team motivation to come into work every day, and by giving them some entertainment, you are allowing them the pleasure of working for the betterment of your business.


Involve Your Employees' Families

If it is possible, involve the families of your sales team employees in your celebrations. Employees love it when their companies involve their partners and children, and this is a great way to motivate your sales team. Invite spouses of your employees to office parties and host picnics for their children; through these simple steps, you will be able to motivate your employees to work hard for your business.


Communicate Regularly with Your Team

It is important that you are in regular communication with your sales team - in person, if possible. Try and have regular meetings - once every week, or twice a month - to communicate with each other. Keep these meetings light and friendly, mainly to go through everyone's progress and the overall goal of the company.

More face-to-face interactions and less via email is a good way to communicate with your sales team; it gives your employees the notion that they know you and that they can approach you with anything.


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