How many friends do you have? Many people will say that they don’t have enough. Meeting new people can be daunting, especially if you are on the shy side or you are new in town. But meeting new people is a very important part of getting to know a new place, feeling like you fit in among your peers and having that important sounding board of someone to talk to about the things that go on throughout your day. If you find yourself missing old friends and wanting to make new ones, this list is for you. These decisive ways for how to meet new people can turn your quiet nights into much happier times. 

Places and Occasions to Meet People

Sometimes you must get out of your comfort zone in order to meet new people. That means you might have to go somewhere new, try a new hobby you have always wondered about, reach out to those that you might not have talked to before, and do things differently for a while. And who knows? You might try out these opportunities and places to meet new people and find that there is a whole new part of the world you have been missing!

Activities/ Sports

Are you the athletic type? Get your game on by joining a sports league or team. You can also sign up for activities that put you into contact with others on a regular basis, such as bike rides, marathons and the like. The more active you are, the more sports you might enjoy, and the more interesting people you might meet. Don’t hesitate to say hello to anyone on the court or the field. 


Communities and Alumni

Where did you go to school? Where do you live? What are you interested in when it comes to your work? These are all great ways to meet new people. Networking events, reunions, job fairs, and other points that make the most of who you are and where you have been can help you meet people who have a similar situation. The more you have in common with those in the room, the more likely you are to make new friends. 


Joining Classes

This may the best idea when it comes to how to meet new people. If you are interested in learning something new, there is no time like the present! And once you do join that class, you are going to meet people who are interested in the same thing, so you immediately have something to talk about. That can cut down on the awkwardness of not knowing what to say. Look for classes that encourage interactions, such as a creative writing or photography class. 


Volunteer Work

Choose a charity or cause that means a great deal to you, one that you are passionate about. You are going to meet people of like mind at volunteer functions. Volunteer to do things that are fun, test your skills and allow you to find the time to talk with those around you. For instance, if you are running a charity booth at the fair, you can always have time to talk to the other people who are running the booth with you. 



Do you know a few people and you want to know more? Throw a party for those friends and ask them to bring friends, too. They can provide introductions and you can get to know people that you might have something in common with. You can keep this simple, such as a dinner party, or invite the friends you have to your neighborhood bar and let things get loud! 


Online Sites

Do you want to meet someone to date? Online dating sites are a good way to make that happen without all the pressure of dating. But you can also go to “just friends” sites, message boards and the like to make friendships that don’t have a romantic element. Places like Meetup and Yelp are great options for something like this. 


In Daily Routine

Stop going through the drive-thru! Go inside and say hello to everyone you meet. Do this when you pick up your prescriptions, get fast food, or simply pick up your dry cleaning. You might meet someone at the counter and speak to them for a bit while you wait on whatever it is you came there for. Just one discussion can spark a friendship! 


Book Club

If you love to read, join a book club to meet those who are into the same things you are. You will all meet at a specific time, talk about the book, and of course get to know each other while you are at it. This can lead to long-term friendships that have the love of reading to ground them. 


At the Gym

How to meet new people and work out for a nice body? Go to the gym! But don't just go there. Take some exercise classes that allow you to talk with those that are there with you. Taking a class also ensures that the same people will be in the group over and over, so you have more time to talk and build up a connection. 


A Club or an Organization

Just as with some of the other tips here, a club or organization puts you in contact with people that you already know have something in common with you. If you can’t find a club that suits what you want, you can create your own. Put ads online and in the local paper, and choose a place for a first meeting, such as the local coffee house or library. Then get started with a list of ideas that everyone might enjoy. 


Through Your Religion

Do you enjoy church activities? If you do, then you are among the millions of people out there who find religion to be a soothing, enjoyable and meaningful thing. You can meet a ton of people this way, by going to new churches to visit, attending charity events that are run by your church, enrolling in clubs or recreational activities, or even taking a mission trip.

How to Meet New People: Make the First Impression

Here comes the most important step in how to meet new people. Practice makes perfect, you can do it by just following the instructions below:

Simply Say Hello

It sounds like a simple thing, and it is – just say “Hi” to someone when they are nearby. Then ask, “How are you?” or “How is your day?” That simple exchange can lead to more, and that can lead to a great friendship. 


Know That You Might Be Rejected

If someone doesn’t want to talk, they aren’t going to. Or they are going to walk away from you. But remember that it’s okay – sometimes people have bad days, or they simply don’t want to make new friends. Don’t take it personally when they do this, because it says more about them than anything else. 


Practice Often

Say hello to as many people as you can. The more of a social butterfly you are, the more you will get noticed, and the more you will attract those who are interested in building a friendship with you.


Ask Plenty of Questions About Them

When you are talking with someone, be sure to ask questions about them and their life. People love to talk about themselves, and when they see that you are a good listener, they will automatically see you as potential friend material. 


Don’t Get too Personal

It’s okay to ask questions, but when someone balks about answering one, you know you have gone too far. Change the subject to something that isn’t as personal, and the conversation will continue moving easily forward, without any awkwardness.


Be Complimentary

If the person you are talking to has done something great, make it clear that you think so. Tell them that you admire their accomplishments. People love to be heaped with praise, and that makes them talk more about themselves. 


Talk About What You Have in Common

Find the things that you have in common with a person and focus on those. For instance, maybe you are an animal lover, and you both have dogs in the household. Talk about your pets! Or maybe you are both from the same state; if you are, talk about the common experiences that you have both gone through while growing up there. 


Let Your Sense of Humor Shine

Don’t hesitate to laugh! Be sarcastic and funny, and joke about the things that are happening around you – in good taste, of course. The more you laugh with someone, the more they will associate those good feelings with you. 


Always Smile

The more you smile, the more approachable you seem. Think about it: Are you more likely to talk to someone who is smiling, or someone who is scowling? Be the one who is always smiling, and you will get smiles in return. 


Never Change Yourself

The last thing you want to do is change who you are in order to make friends. Though it might seem like it would make things easier, when you change yourself, you will have to remain that way in order to keep those new friends. Why bother with such hassle? Be who you are and be patient – friends will come. 


Let Them Go If They Want

 If someone obviously doesn’t want to talk to you, simply say goodbye and give them a smile, then let them walk away. Your respectful attitude toward their desires will help them see you in a much more positive light, and they just might come back to talk again. 


Think Twice about Physical Touching

 Some people are very uncomfortable with being touched. A handshake is usually just fine, or a quick tap on the shoulder to announce that you are there beside them. Anything more than that should be saved for when you know them much better. 


Take Your Time

Friendship is not a race, though it might seem that way when you are lonely. Make a point of taking your time and letting the friendship build up. If you chase it down or force it, it will fizzle out before you have a chance to really get to know that person. Remember, friendship doesn’t mean and instant end to being lonely. 


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