Always dreamt of catching a glimpse of your favorite celebrity? Or better still, seeing them up and close and saying hello or taking a selfie with them? It’s not too difficult if you plan it well and who knows, he may even offer you a chance to accompany him on the red carpet (yes, it happens…sometimes). Excited already? Read on as we are here to tell you exactly how to meet a celebrity.

8 Valuable Tips on How to Meet a Celebrity

Here are some of the tried and tested ways that you can use to meet your idols without looking like a stalker.

Follow them on Social Media

Many celebrities update their statuses on social media on where they are shooting, which gym or spa they like to visit or their favorite restaurant or store and try your luck by hanging out there. You can follow their profiles on Facebook and Twitter or put an alert to know their latest whereabouts.


Become Talk Show Audience

If your favorite celebrity is appearing on a talk show, you can contact the production house of the show and request to be among the audience. Try to get a seat near the stage so you can see, shake hands or even talk to them during breaks. You may have to spend some money though, if the talk show is not in your town, but if you are dying to meet your idol, it may be money well spent.


Wait Around Entrance or Exit

Most arenas will allow you to stand near their gates when celebrities are coming in or out after their performances as long as you don’t block them. If you are patient and lucky enough, you’ll probably get to meet them finally. Celebrities appreciate when you wait for them just to shake their hands or to say hello.


Reside in a Large City

Celebrities live and work mostly in large cities and only visit smaller, secluded places for vacations. If you live in a large city, you are more likely to bump into a celebrity or two than if you live in the countryside. If you always wanted to move to California, New York or LA, there’s one more reason now to shift there.


Get Every Chance to Network

Have an acquaintance in the fashion, sports or advertising industry? They are your best bets as people in these industries work with famous people all the time. So if you want to know how to meet a celebrity, better start making friends in the right places. And don’t forget to give them a treat once they’ve hooked you with your favorite celebrity.


Apply in Contests

Look out for contests in newspapers and on the web that can win you a date with your favorite singer or actor. Most celebrities represent some or the other brand and are glad to meet fans who win in contests that these brands run. If you are in luck, not only will you win a prize, you will also get to spend quite some time with a celebrity. Now that’s priceless.


Go for Book Signings

More and more celebrities are coming out with their autobiographies or promoting their films that are based on books. Book signings are a way for them to promote their projects and also interact with their fans. This is an effective way to meet them and get a signed copy for yourself, which will hopefully get a special place in your bookshelf and earn you bragging rights.


Visit Film Festivals and Events

Here’s a big secret if you want to know how to meet a celebrity. Unlike big ticket film award with tight security, you’ll find celebrities thronging to indie film festivals and events where they freely chat with their fans and followers. If you really want to catch their attention, dress up in their favorite film costume and see them take out time for you. Now it’s your chance to get that elusive selfie with them.

A Few More Tips on What to Do Once You Meet a Celebrity


Be Respectful

Goes without saying, celebrities like any other person crave respect. Be polite and respectful when you get to meet them. 


Have Your Autograph Book or Camera Ready

You don’t want to waste time frantically searching your bag for these things. Have your book or camera ready. Many celebrities will get annoyed and just move on if you waste their time.


Keep Cool

Don’t jump with joy or cry when you get to meet your favorite celebrity. They are as normal as you and I and want to be treated as such.


Dress Nicely

Needs to be said as some people will dress up shabbily and show no care for personal hygiene, yet expect famous people to shake their hands and talk to them. 


Talk Succinctly

Unless you’ve been given a group of audience, don’t blurt out too much. Just greet, show basic courtesy and request for a photo or autograph. Take a deep breath and be yourself.


Compliment Them

Just like us, celebrities like compliments too and love their fans to show appreciation for their work. If you are a fan of a particular character they played, do let them know how you absolutely love them in that role. 


Keep Your Expectations Low

Face it: you are one of the many people he has to meet. So don’t expect him to spend a lot of time chatting with you. If all he says is hello and moves on, consider it a precious moment.


Say Thank You

And finally when the celebrity is leaving, say thank you. It’s just basic etiquette on how to meet a celebrity properly and shows your appreciation that he took time from his busy schedule to meet you.


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