As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. You can't really describe relations like blood relations. In today's hectic life, it's only getting harder to stay close to your parents. The Internet doesn't necessarily help either, to some it gives a sense of false distance that isn't the same as actually being both physically and emotionally close. How to make your parents happy? Understand what would content your parents, often times it's the little things that bring light to their life and keep your relation with them strong.

How to Make Your Parents Happy: 10 Easy Things to Do for All Ages


Understand them

Parental love is timeless. Since you are young, they love you despite keeping them awake all night when you cried, your personal needs replace their weekend social parties, extra chores done to keep up with the mess you make and tolerate all your noisy rambling. They love you unconditionally. The only reason they often impose restrictions on how you led your life is to make sure your future of safety and happiness is secured. As you get more mature, you would better understand your parent's point of view. Only then would you be thankful for their effort and unwavering love.


Spend some time

There is nothing that brings more joy to parents than spending meaningful time with their parents. As you grow up, you tend to end up avoiding them for your own clique of friends or school activities. As you start to leave, loneliness would start to hit them. In a way that fear of you leaving might often mean them being stricter to you, all in order to have you around longer. When you did leave one day, never forget to spend time with your parents. Visit them on a weekend or take them out for dinner. They will be happy as long as you are there for them.


Show gratitude

No doubt parents had done plenty for you, uncountable sweat and blood into raising. They are the reason you get to live carefree with a proper education and a well-deserved job after. For all the things they did for you, nothing was ever expected in return. Why not show your gratitude to them every now and then? Send them flowers, physically visit them, give them more memories worth cherishing in return.


Share their problems

If you notice that your parents look overly stressed, ask them about what's wrong and if there's anything you can help them with. Most likely they won't share the problems with you since they would rather not spread the stress over to their children. But if they do decide to share it with you, listen carefully. If you are their main concern, listen to what they had to say and learn how you could improve yourself. While you could get irritated by the lectures, remember that this is all done for your own good. They aren't reprimanding you in this case, but often more of complaining. Hey, parents have a need to complain about their life too. Whether they chose to share it with you or not, the fact that you are showing concern should cheer them up a bunch.


Do little things for them

Take note of the special events through the year. Birthdays, Mother's or Father's day, wedding anniversary, or even the day you are moving out of the old house. Make or get them a gift, which doesn't have to be anything remarkable. It's the thoughts that count. If you have no idea for the right gifts, then take them out for a nice lunch.

If you are visiting them over for dinner, praise the cooking, help them wash the dishes after. Handmade gifts are excellent; such as scrapbooks or simply a thank you card. Little affectionate things like these convey your love and respect for your parents.


Never argue

You are bound to argue with your parents on the day. There is no denying it. Once you hit teenhood, you will actively retort your parents, since you think you know things better than them. But keep in mind that they are still much older than you, which means more life experience that you still have plenty of catching up to do. If you do need to argue, just keep in mind that you are not likely to win the big authority in the house and further pursuing the matter will only worsen your position and hurt their feelings. Remember, at the end of the day, whatever they are doing is for your own good.


Do well in school

The best way on how to make your parents happy is to do well in school. That's your main job as a student anyway, to dedicate yourself to studying. Parents want to show off their children's assignment too, so give them something they can be proud of for their effort. You don't have to be on the honor roll, being active in school activities and caring about scoring relatively well is often sufficient.

Skipping school is a big no. This creates a rift of mistrust between you and your parents. Why should they give you more freedom in return if they can't even be sure you will be in school when expected?

If you are struggling with a subject, be honest and get some assistance from your parents. This reflects well on your level of maturity and desire to perform at school.

Lastly, be good not only at home but also in the class. Well-graded students do not warrant a lack of behavioral issues. Having teachers only have excellent things to say about you is certain to get your parents happy and proud of you.


Apologies when you step out of line

Do not let your ego get to you. Be mature about your mistakes and faults. Blood relations are built on tolerations and love. You are never equal to your parents, and they are still someone you are expected to look up to and respect. Your parents do not expect perfection from you, but being honest with yourself will make he them happy.

Being stubborn about your reason for stepping out of line would get you nowhere. You could either be right or wrong, be defensive however would stop you from learning from your past mistakes.

When you are truly sorry, be sincere apologizing it.This goes a long way in building back the relationship towards a closer, strongly bonded one.


Send them letters

Compared to emails, letters have a more personal feel to it, being handwritten and such. Especially if you do not live that close to your parents. Take your time to write a letter that reflects your emotions. It will be a nice surprise to them that they would certainly love. Attached a picture with the letters. So they could have something with your face on it to keep around. Maybe have a picture taken with your children and partner as well. Your parents will be delighted to see how well your family is doing.


Give them your first month's salary

This one is an interesting idea that parents would certainly love. But of course, they would refuse it profusely. The point is not the money itself, but to show them that you have finally reached that point of independence. All of it thanks to your parents.


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