Who does not want to be liked by other people? But, sometimes, you know someone special and want to go the extra mile to make them like you. The question is, can you do something to make someone else like you?" Yes, you can certainly try and it is usually about being nice, being considerate, and being a decent person. Is it really enough to make an impression? Let's find out now.

How to Make People Like You

You can certainly grab someone's attention by being nice to them, but it is never going to be enough, as there are many smaller things that go into making you a likeable personality.

Try to Look Friendly and Attractive

It does not mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy yourself a perfect dress, but it is more about looking sharp, natural, honest, and friendly. Experts say that most people make a judgment about you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Therefore, you need to look clean and maintain good hygiene to create a good first impression. While you do not need to have a wardrobe of a model, you should still know what looks good on you.


Address Them by Their Name

One great way to build an air of trust between you and someone you like is to address them by their name. Know that people love the sound of their own name, and you should use it to your advantage. Whenever you communicate with someone, be sure to use their name. This is a tried-and-tested technique that is sure to work and increase your fan base.


Do Not Forget to Smile

To learn how to make people like you, you have to master the art of smiling with feeling. The gesture is infectious and can quickly build an air of trust between two people. If you throw a genuine smile at someone, they are sure to reciprocate in the same way. Keep in mind that both positive and negative moods spread between individuals, and if you maintain a positive attitude, the other person is sure to love you for it.


Show Some Excitement

While you do not want to go overboard with the idea, it still helps to show some excitement and make someone feel that you are really enjoying their company. You can certainly try to be funny as well, but of course, you do not want to act like an idiot. You have to understand that being genuinely funny will always make people fall in love with you. Just avoid making jokes all the time or the other person will become bored, annoyed, and even frustrated.


Do Not Forget to Nod Your Head

When engaging in a conversation, be sure to nod your head because this will make other people agree with your point. Of course, you should not start nodding your head vigorously during a conversation, but just do it in a subtle way and you will see that the other person is mirroring your body language. You will also be able to convey your feelings to that person in a more efficient manner.


Make Sincere Compliments

One way to learn how to make people like you is to learn how to compliment them in a sincere way. Everyone likes to be appreciated and you can use this to build your fan base. You need to understand that authentic appreciation is completely different from empty flattery, which is never going to take you anywhere. Sincere appreciation can work wonders because people want to be recognized for their efforts, and if you do it right, they will certainly feel closer to you. So, be generous with your praise but know when to stop to be a likeable personality.


Be Sure to Ask Questions

You should ask lots of them actually. That is mainly because questions help keep a conversation going. This will work even when you do not have a lot to say. This also shows that you are taking interest in a conversation and value other people's opinions. You can also use this tactic to make someone feel more comfortable about sharing their personal stories with you. You will also be better off asking non-judgmental questions than giving opinionated responses. If you disagree to something, do not just start arguing. Instead, ask them the reason why they think that way.


Ask Them to Do You a Favor

Experts believe that when someone does you a favor, they unconsciously think that you are a friend and deserve their attention. They will look for other justifications to give you what you have requested. They will think more about you and this eventually makes them like you a bit more.


Try Some Physical Touch

Although it works great, you have to be very careful and know when you want to use this trick. You have to be very subtle, as you can always make things worse. Understand that using physical touch is not about giving shoulder rubs to people around you. It is about gently touching someone's forearm or shaking hands gently to make that individual feel more comfortable with you. Do not try to use it if you are not sure about how to take advantage of this technique.


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