All of us dream about ways to make money as a teen and become a rock star. We were born with the instinct of making money as soon as possible and that too a lot of it. The question is to how to make money as a teen. Good old odd jobs are there like always but in today’s world, there are several other ways of earning with less fatigue and time and more rewards. Lets’ take a look at them and explore both of them:

How to Make Money as a Teen

Our Friendly Neighborhood

There are countless ways for teens to make money. From our forefathers till date, all worked on plans on how to make money as a teen. Working along the neighborhood has been a family business of some sort. Having a good relation with people next door can pay off in decently and open multiple easy ways to make money for teen. For example babysitting can be $5 to $10 per hour. Daily chores are also good earning scheme, mow some garden, wash someone’s car, paint a wall and many other things. Take cash out from the pockets of people living right next to your house with just a simple favor.

Fast Food Gives Fast Cash

Fast food restaurants and cafes are almost on every other corner of the street these days which give easy ways for teens to make money. Working part time at such places is quite beneficial. No extra qualification is required to work at these places and it is easy. Want to know how to make money as a teen at fast food? All that is required is taking orders and serving them timely with a little smile. It can be stressful at times but it is one of the best options to avail.

Earning From Parents

House chores, repairs and car washes are a temptation for all the parents if done by anyone else and that other person can be you. These are simple ways for teens to make money. Even our parents, when thinking about how to make money as a teen had the opportunity to do so with their parents, they would have done the same by doing something in house. Make a deal with your parents to complete their work and ask for cash in return. You can clean kitchen, wash dishes, repair some broken pipe, clean sanitary or mop floor and the best of all is washing dad’s favorite car or walk his dog.

Garage Sale

There are a lot of stuff at our home which is almost either useless to us or we do not like it anymore or simply, its old! For you it may be worthless but it may be priceless for others. If you are thinking for a way to make money as a teen than Garage sales can help you earn big profits in very little time. You can apprise your friends about the easy ways for teens to make money than gather up stuff from them with profit sharing basis and make it look like a little market by offering a lot of variety. Sale out your old shoes, clothes, bags, any old gadget, video games you do not play anymore or even some little toy from your childhood. Everything sells out. It is not that difficult as how to make money as a teen after all.

Work Online

Why to waste time on PC when you can use it to earn some serious cash. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you in the virtual world to grab up and find new easy ways to for teens to make money. What good it is to chat with friends for hours when you can talk to them at school. Instead of commenting social media, it is better to use it for monitory benefit. If you are into technology and stuff, do not think a lot about how to make money as a teen because your horizons are limitless.

Work for some advertising company and market things online on social media or on different websites. Design a website for someone or anyone. Website designing is one of the most profitable home based jobs. Work as a blogger or a content writer, an academic writer or article writer. There are countless opportunities in this domain. All you need to do is to develop a skill and skill is mastered by hours and hours of practice. Isn’t it worth it if you can invest your time on yourself and earn as much as you want? Although this type of work does not offer easy ways for teens to make money because it requires a lot of practice and time but It is undoubtedly worth the time and hard work.

Knowledge For All

Start giving tuitions to whoever you can wherever you can. If you have good knowledge about any subject or anything you can teach, go ahead and make the most of it but if you are really good at something, never do it for free. Try to find those in dire need of your assistance. If someone has an exam and there is shortage of time to prepare, cash it to the most. Once into this area of work, thinking about how to make money as a teen won’t be a thought to cross your mind that often.

Skills for Fortune

Many teenagers work in different areas as a hobby and earn a lot out of it. Organize a function, decorate a home, fix someone’s PC or laptop, design clothes, play guitar, modify a vehicle and it goes on and on. There are more ways to make money as a teen than anyone can imagine. Nobody wants to risk their precious stuff by giving it in the hands of in experienced or knowledge less people. Your reliability in any field can earn you a lot of money. So if you have something in you, stop thinking on how to make money as a teen and start working.

Play Games and Earn Bucks

Another of the interesting and easy ways for teens to make money is to play video games. Gaming companies specially hire gamers to play their new developments for hours and give their reviews about particular game for which they are paid. On the subject of how to make money as a teen, doesn’t it sound fun? How bad it can be after all. Play a game a get paid for it


There are a lot of easy ways to make money for teen. You can use your abilities or energies or a combination of both to earn as much as you want to. Opportunity are right there smiling at our face and all we have to do is to make the most of it. With right mindset and right moves you don’t need to think a lot about how to making money as a teen because it is not a problem at all.


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