There nothing as frustrating as investing hours of primping your hair curls, only to have them fall flat and limp just in a few hours. Whether if it’s for bouncy curls or beachy waves, you can lengthen your curls life span with the right tools and product. How to make curls stay? Learn the techniques and products you are going to need for long-lasting curls.

Top 7 Essential Tips on How to Make Curls Stay



Curls will only last long if the hair is light. To have carefree and lighter hair, you will need to wash your hair with lighter products as well. Try light conditioner and shampoo, something that would not weight the hair down. Logically you can expect heavy hair to have more difficulty staying up because of the extra weight, holding the spray can only do so much.

To add more volume, blow dry your hair! The trick is to not simply drying it. Rather, bend over with your hair hanging down, then blow dry them. Use a diffuser if you have one. When you straighten up, notice how your hair will look significantly voluminous.


Cool down those curls

Always cool down the curls before you let them go. When you had the heat up your hair and clip it nicely down with the bobby pins, leave it to set like a cookie fresh from the oven. Curling iron works by warming up your hair, making them softer and more malleable. So if you pinned them while they are fresh and only release them once they are cooled down, the cuticle would have time to close and set, leaving you with a longer lasting curls.


Avoid taking your hot rollers out too soon

Most tutorials will only ask you leave the hot rollers on for about 10 to 20 minutes. That is excellent for enhancing hair volume or to prepare for an additional makeover. But if you want your hair to stay up as you dance all night long, the retro standard is to wait for those rollers to cool down completely. It will take an hour or so, especially for people with thick luscious hair. The longer you keep them on, the longer your curls will stay. Just be aware that excessive curling could potentially damage your hair.


Invest in good hot tools

You are guaranteed better quality for things that you pay more for. Doesn’t apply for everything but for hair curlers, it does! Supermarket off-the-shelves brand curlers might be cheap, but it doesn’t offer the quality that a higher-end tools will ever leave. If you can’t seem to have your curls stay, don’t blame your hair, blame your tools.

You are potentially damaging your hair in the long run, so use better heating technology which is more durable overall. It’s an excellent investment for your wallet and your hair health.


Use the right barrel size

While you might fancy those sexy looking curls those models from Victoria's Secret shows-off, bigger barrel might not just be the right one for you. Barrel size should depend on your hair type; smaller barrel might just be the right kind of magic for your hair. Trying a smaller barrel size and marvel at the result. In addition, if you are looking for longer lasting curls, smaller ones will do just that.


Get the right conditioner and shampoo

Like we mentioned previously, heavier conditioner and shampoo will weigh down the hair, especially if you are curling freshly washed hair. Give lighter moisture hair products a try for light hair and for the hair curling, they won’t dry out that fast too. If your hair is generally drier, consider hydrating conditioner and shampoo, or avoid curling entirely.


Setting spray

How to make curls stay for longer is to use setting spray after you made your waves. It will lock in your curls, making them more durable; and many of the sprays come with heat protection to help minimize the damage from the curling iron. If you don’t have a setting spray, hair spray works effectively as a substitute. Spray your hair before you start the curling.


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