It has been almost 3 decades now that the source of entertainment changed as in early 1980s’ I Home based entertainment took a new turn by the introduction of video games in our lives. In the beginning not many people know how to make a game as I still remember the first game I played on Atari and the funny thing is it never had a name. Most of us know about dangerous dave on the first line of personal computers like 286/386 series and who can forget the likes of Mario and Super Mario bros. But in this era, technological advancements have taken this home based entertainment to a totally new level and now making games has turned into a complete industry in itself.

Almost every one of us is fond and in some cases, crazy of playing video games but have we ever thought how to make a game or to be exact in pondering how to make a video game. Making games used to be a quite a task when programmers wrote coding consisting of complex algorithms but now there are many superfast solutions available. These solutions are basically software developed specially for the purpose to make games.

2D games are rather easier to make but 3D games have a bit complex design and this complexity can be taken to any limits depending upon the level of graphics for the game. But do not be confused if you are looking forward on how to make a game, you can make a game as simple as snake which comes normally in every Symbian Nokia mobile phone. So what does really matter, here we will analyze.

How to Make a Game

Creating An Idea

How to make a game begins with something in mind. First you have to be really clear about what you want to create. There are so many categories of games so to begin with, pick a category first. It may be a car race game or a street fight or some aircraft battleship type or you can make a game on any sport. There are countless possibilities when it comes to creativity. But one should be crystal clear in concepts about what is actually required before thinking on how to make a game.

Size Of The Game

Ever heard the phrase that it’s a big game to play? That is because of the length of the game. How many stages are defined in the game and the type of graphics to be used defines the size of the game. The more detailed is the story line the more stages required to end it. Keep in mind that a heavily designed game will be a good game as well. In this field size does not matters all the time

Character Building

Second most important part before you start working on the idea and move ahead to make games is to visualize a character for the game. It pure depends on the basic idea of the game. For example, while designers thought about horror games, key character is a monster. It may be zombies in Resident Evil series or Ghosts and ghouls from Alone in the Dark or simply some aliens in Doom series. The basic point is to decide about characters.


This one is the most important part while designing a game. It is important to know how to make a game but it is equally important to know the way it will be played. That’s where environment building and overall concept of the game comes into existence. Gameplay is the ground base for the game itself. A game with weak gameplay will be very boring no matter how interesting the storyline is or how detailed you have designed the graphics of the game. But a game with a strong gameplay overcomes many weaknesses of it. You must have a very clear concept about gameplays before you begin to make games.

Coding or Software

Here you will decide how to make a video game and bring your idea to virtual reality. Coding are long and require particular expertise while software based games does not require any prior experience of any sort. How to make a game look like the way you want it. Software is used to design a rather simple game but with coding the details can be much more advanced.

Available Softwares

How will you decide as to how to make a game if you do not know how to choose the appropriate software? And after that, how to use it?

There are both the free based programs and the premium paid platforms available for designing games. Software has its own techniques and guides on how to make a game while you work on it. it does not matter which platform you choose either for 2D or 3D games, it is actually the features you require in making games.

The more you brainstorm on how to make a game, the more ideas will come in your mind. It is the innovation which plays the key role in creating your project in a multi-dimensional design. But never refrain from pouring new ideas into your design. It may end up in something totally new and awesome.


It is not a dream any more to design a game of your choice. It used to be a question to ponder that how to make a video game but now due to the availability of latest software which are self-explanatory to use and have online tutorials available in abundance, every lay man can have a concept on how to make a game and how to make it work.

The procedure is pretty simple with step by step design. Following these steps discussed earlier will take you in the right direction. You do not need to worry a lot about how to make a game anymore. All the basic ingredients remains within your brain and with the availability of most advanced software, you can create something from your mind in the minimum possible time.


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