A lot of guys find it difficult to express their true feelings to the girls they like or love. And we get it – it just can’t be easy having to muster up the courage to tell someone how you truly feel about them, especially if you fear the feelings aren’t reciprocated. In such cases, the fear of rejection becomes so overwhelming that men often end up not sharing their feelings at all. But don’t worry! If you feel you can’t openly confess your feelings, we have ways that tell you how to let a girl know you like her, without directly telling her that you like her!

Before Telling Her You Like Her

There are certain things you should keep in mind before you share your emotions with the girl that you like.

Be decent and presentable

Think about it. Would the lady in question be impressed with you or your feelings if you’re dressed like a hobo who hasn’t showered in months? No. Keep in mind that making an impression is most important. So, go ahead and take a look in the mirror. Do you need a haircut? A shave? A shower? Whatever it is, get it done! And when you meet her, make sure you’re dressed to impress.


Practice makes perfect

You don’t want to look like a bumbling fool in front of her, right? So, it’s best that you practice your speech in front of a mirror before you express your feelings to her. Think it’s too corny to speak in front of a mirror? Call a trusted friend and ask him or her to stand in the place of the girl.


Know how to sound

You need to sound genuine and sincere, not like a robot that’s finishing off a boring speech. So be warm and gentle when you speak your words.


Compliment her

Go ahead, test the waters. See how she reacts/behaves when you compliment her. Does she blush, smile or respond with a compliment? If yes, then maybe the feelings are mutual.


Flirt gently

It’s a step ahead of paying compliments. Say stuff like, "Damn, I wish I had a girlfriend like you." And then see how she responds. Also, if you’re not sure of her reaction or not very confident, flirt with her when none of her friends are around.

How to Let a Girl Know You Like Her

Now we’ve come to the part that you’ve been waiting for. Without further ado, here’s ways to let a girl know you like her clearly.

Say I’ve missed you

The importance of these 3 words has often been underrated. Saying you miss her, even after 1 day of not seeing her, sends her signals that you want to have more of her in your life, which means you view her as a little more than just a friend! It’ll also make her feel very special, while simultaneously she will feel closer to you as well.


Use the power of touch

Physical contact is always between people who are extremely comfortable with each other, so make sure you touch her shoulders, knees or her hands every once in a while. If you’re the adventurous type of person, then you can slightly brush your arms against her lower back. That will definitely send a shiver of sexual excitement down her spine.


Give hand squeezes and lingering hugs

They’re the next step to progress on to after you’ve understood that she is comfortable letting you touch her in specific places. So the next time you get to hold her hand, give it a gentle squeeze. Or the next time you hug her, hug her for 4 extra seconds. She’s sure to take the hint.


Don’t start off negatively

If she’s someone you’re meeting for the first time, then make sure your sentences never begin with negative connotations like "I don’t mean to be creepy". Because guess what? Irrespective of whether you sound creepy or not, her mind’s decided that what you will say is going to be processed as creepy. Start small, like with a simple “hello”, and let your conversation flow naturally from that point.


More ways on how to let a girl know you like her without saying it

  • Laugh at her jokes, no matter how stupid

  • Email her because you just saw something and it "made me think of you"

  • Make eye contact when speaking to her

  • Always smile when looking into her eyes

  • Give her some inside nicknames

  • Say her name

  • Mixtapes. Seriously

  • Bring up inside jokes as much as you can

  • Being excited/full of energy when speaking to her

  • Create lame excuses (the ones she can see through) to meet up with her

  • Make her constantly listen to romantic songs that you like

  • Remember her favourite foods, drinks, sports team, etc.

  • Always wear that one shirt she told you that you look good in

  • Text her, just because……

  • Like all her updates on Facebook (but not as soon as she uploads them)

  • Late night talks about nothing and everything

  • Be very good friends with her friends

  • Offer to pick and drive her when she has no one else to depend on

  • Tell her from time to time that she smells good

  • Watch her favourite movies or series and then share your opinions on them

  • Kiss her on the cheek instead of just saying goodbye



Of course, you can avoid all this extra effort by simply going ahead and telling her exactly what you feel. This is the most direct way of how to let a girl know you like her. What’s the worst that can happen? Rejection? But then at least you’ll know how she feels, and you will be free to move on, right?


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