Employers are judged by their bosses based on different things. In a perfect world, the quality and quantity of work will be enough to serve as a measuring stick to gauge the worth of an employee. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the real world. Every employee must now consider a lot of factors to earn his position, and possibly, be considered for promotion. And in a struggling economy, knowing how to impress your boss can spell the difference between getting financial security and getting laid off.

12 Great Tips for Impressing Your Boss


Be punctual

Arriving at work on time shows your enthusiasm about your work and the company in general. It also gives your boss the right impression about your time management and attitude. Schedule all your daily routine so that you will always arrive at work on time. It’s even better if you can get there before your boss. Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes lead time so that you will have enough time to prepare yourself, and your desk (or tools), for the workload ahead.


Ask questions

Probe your boss’ mind with relevant questions about your job and responsibilities. You can also expand your questions and touch on his or her own vision for your team. Your boss will appreciate the fact that you care about your work and the company’s success.


Accept more responsibilities

Grab the opportunity to work on other projects outside your usual duties. Never turn down an assignment. If the boss comes to you for help about another project that is not on your job description, just say “Yes” and adjust your work schedule accordingly. This is important if you have your sights on higher position in the company. By accepting more workload, you are showing your boss your capacity and willingness to take on bigger responsibility in the company.


Stay ahead of your deadline

Beating your deadline is simply not enough to impress your boss. What works best is delivering your finished project ahead of the schedule. Work on how to impress your boss by constantly beating your deadline by a few days so you can move on to the next project.


Dress presentably

How you look speaks loudly of the kind of person you are, so exert extra effort to make sure that your clothes speak correctly about you. Make sure to follow the company’s dress code if there is one. Do not call unnecessary attention to yourself by overdressing. Conversely, do not come to work wearing the same clothes that you wore in a barhopping spree last night.


Interact with your co-workers

Even while working hard to finish your responsibilities, do not neglect the chance to be sociable with your co-workers. In fact, one way on how to impress your boss is by showing him that you can carry a good working relationship with your colleagues. Taking part in a casual lunch or short chats during break time will give you a chance to know their jobs.


Be innovative

Seek ways on how you can improve the way things are done in your current job. Keep your eyes open for loopholes or problems that are potentially costing the company time and money. Point them out to your boss while offering your own ideas on how to address them effectively. Chances are great that he will appreciate your keen eye and initiative.


Continue to learn and improve yourself

At the start, you might not know everything about your work, but by constantly probing the minds of your boss and co-workers, you can learn different tricks and trade secret to help you perform better. But don’t stop improving yourself even when you feel that you have already mastered all the skills needed in your current position. Take your performance a notch higher by mastering other skill sets outside your job scope. Seeing how you are working hard to prepare for bigger role, your boss will eventually realize that you are capable of handling management positions.


Don’t lie just to cover up your own or colleague’s mistakes

Everyone commit mistakes. That’s a fact of life. It is only a bit unsettling if you committed ones that could affect your job. But never, ever be tempted to lie even when you feel that your mistake warrants a serious reprimand from your boss. One way of how to impress your boss is by showing your honesty and integrity even when faced with dire consequences.

To mitigate your mistakes, come up with a solid plan to address them. Show your boss that you are not only owning up to your mistakes but are prepared to correct them.


Voice your opinion, then act on it

Make your voice matter by acting on your commitments. Deliver on your promises so that your boss and colleagues will learn to take your seriously. By not letting you words go to waste, you are building a good reputation that can help open bigger opportunities for you.


Volunteer for jobs

One good thing that results from always finishing your work ahead of time is that you can offer to help your co-workers when they are swamped with their own workload. This will not only endear you to your co-workers but also score brownie points with your boss. But be careful when offering your help so that it will not affect your own work. It is also important to draw the line between occasionally extending your help and making them dependent on you. Make sure to help them only when they are up to neck in backlogs and not when it is obvious that they are slacking on their work.


Lead by example

Your words will only amount to anything if you live by them. One tip on how to impress your boss is to practice what you preach. If your boss appoints you as a project leader, teach your team how to be punctual by being the first to arrive at work. Whatever rule that you lay down for your team also applies to you. In fact, professionalism demands that you should be the first one to follow them.


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