There was a time when dewy actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling and many others started gracing red carpets with cheek-fringe that gave them a somber look. Today, the beard, a traditional signifier of wisdom and age in many cultures, has become a symbol of masculinity and youthful rebellion. From raising cancer awareness to looking masculine, men grow a beard for many different reasons. For some, it is a matter of few days. For others, it requires weeks of waiting to see their facial hair grow big. Remember, it won't grow overnight, but taking vitamins, keeping your skin healthy and so on will definitely make a difference.

How to Grow Facial Hair


Clean and Moisturize Your Face

If you want to know how to make facial hair grow faster, simply start by keeping your skin clean. Dirt, oil and dead skin can clog those tiny pores and keep hair follicles from breaking through.

  • Wash your face with warm water and apply facial cleanser twice a day.

  • Avoid standard soaps because they can be too abrasive and damage your skin.

  • Don't stick to a timetable, but wash your face at any time when it gets dirty with oil or sweat.

  • Sometimes, an itchy rash will develop while you try to grow facial hair. Don't worry and a dandruff shampoo will resolve the issue.

  • After washing your face, use a moisturizing facial lotion to avoid dryness that leads to dead skin cells.

  • Remember, new beard hair will always cause some irritation, but the prickly sensations usually subside in a week or so.


Massage Your Face

The next measure in the list of how to grow facial hair fast is a facial massage. A light massage may improve the growth of facial hair because it helps keep those pores unclogged and hair follicles healthy. It doesn't involve anything technical though and even small circular movements of your fingers will do the trick. A 10-minute to 15-minute-massage is usually enough to encourage faster facial hair growth.


Add Protein and Saturated Fat into Diet

Fat and protein play a big role in improving the growth of facial hair. Your hair is actually composed of protein with coatings of fats and oils. Moreover, protein and fat have a positive impact on testosterone levels. The higher the levels is, the higher the chances of you growing a beard quickly. It means adding protein and saturated fat into your diet will ensure a mustache or beard in a short time. So add fish, beans, egg and animal fat to get protein and provide your body with enough saturated fats to grow a beard in days.


Eat Foods Rich in Vitamin

Load your body up with all the right vitamins to make it easier to grow facial hair quickly. Vitamin B5, B9 and B3 are important for overall health, but B7, found in egg yolk and nuts, holds great importance in growing facial hair quickly. Vitamin B3 and B5, known to improve circulation, are present in beef, chicken, egg yolk, fish, milk, avocado and many whole grains. Folic acid and vitamin B9 improve your ability to grow thick hair, which can be found in nuts, cereals and leafy green veggies. Other important vitamins include vitamin A that helps maintain sebum and follicles, vitamin C that strengthens your immune system, and vitamin E that improves your blood circulation. You can take multivitamin supplements to provide your body with all the vitamins you need.


Reduce Stress

Another way to know how to grow facial hair fast is to live a stress-free life. Learn to chill out, if you love your hair. Stress leaves negative effects on your hair by thinning out the hair and hindering its growth. Don't worry too much about how others will perceive you after you've grown a beard. Stress disturbs your immune system, which will limit your ability to grow a beard. Meditation or exercises, such as yoga, will help release anxiety.


Sleep Well

A good night's sleep will help you stay fit and a healthy person is more likely to grow a beard quickly. Your body replenishes its energy while sleeping, which means insufficient sleep (less than six hours) will make it difficult for you to grow facial hair. Take at least eight hours sleep regularly to see positive results.


Do Exercise Regularly

Staying active is important. You cannot just sleep all the time and hope for your beard to grow quickly. Your emphasis should be on exercises that improve blood circulation, leading to high metabolic rate. With a better metabolic rate and proper circulation, your body will use the nutrients from your food to stimulate hair growth. Be sure to spend at least 15-20 minutes a day walking, swimming or doing other aerobic exercises.


Give It Time

It takes time to grow facial hair, and people often get impatient. You may even have to go through tough times, while you're still growing your beard. You will hear people making nasty comments. Don't give up and understand that once the wait is over, people will admire your new appearance when you meet them while sporting a full beard.


Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is the first medical methods for growing facial hair. Testosterone will determine how quickly you can grow a beard, but never forget that too much testosterone has its negative effects. You can apply testosterone through topical applications, injections or even taking it orally. Please note that you cannot store testosterone, so you have to develop and stick to a strict supplement regiment until you see results.


Plastic Surgery

For some men, it is just not possible to grow a beard no matter how hard they try. When nothing else works, a plastic surgery does. A surgeon will transplant hair follicles from your scalp to your face. The method usually works, but takes up to a year or two before you actually see some positive results.


A Useful Video

If you need more information about how to grow facial hair fast, you should check the video below:


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