Now that’s a question you never imagined yourself asking, did you? But here we are with you and your smelly butt, wondering how you can get rid of this deadly embarrassing problem. In order to get rid of it, you have to first try to understand why your butt smells so badly. Is it because you brought about a change in your diet and have started eating a lot of spicy Mexican or Indian food? Is it because you’re under more stress at the office or is it because you relocated to a more humid city, as a result of which your butt is sweating more? Sweaty asses are nothing new; children as young as eight years experience it and the issue only worsens as you grow up. So first, let’s try to understand why you’re having butt odor, and then we can discuss a solution accordingly.

Why Does My Butt Smell?

The reasons, as already stated above, can be varied. Or even a combination of two or more factors.


If you’re thinking about how to get rid of butt odor, you should know that sweat is one of the most common reasons for butt odor. The human anus has a gland called eccrine which produces sweat. Now normally, this sweat is odourless. But if you do not clean yourself properly, then this sweat builds up and after some time, bacteria start thriving in this region, leading to rashes and even infections. Then butt odor comes.


Poor hygiene

If you’re lazy when it comes to hygiene, like not cleaning your ass properly after pooping, then pieces of your poop can stick to your butt, giving off a bad odor. Cleanliness is key here, people.



Your body does not react well to certain antibiotics, as a result of which your eccrine glands can go into overdrive and produce a lot more sweat than necessary, resulting in bacteria infestation.



This is when the rectum lining witnesses an inflammation, and is found more commonly among those who experience inflammatory bowel diseases. 


Other causes

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Ulcerative colitis

  • Gluten intolerance

  • Damp/humid environment

  • Hemorrhoids

How to Get Rid of Butt Odor

Alright, so now that we’ve determined what is causing the butt odor, let’s move on to how to get rid of it.

Take cold showers

That’s because cold water inhibits the growth of bacteria and other infections in your body by lowering your body temperature. Or you can opt to clean your body with warm water and in the end, wash your affected area with cold water to counteract the growth of bacteria. And if possible, bathe twice a day.


Use antiperspirant soap or gel

This method is simple. In fact, it should literally be the first thing you do, irrespective of what the cause of your problem is. That’s because the antiperspirant properties in these soaps and gels help a lot in getting rid of any bad odor from your cracks. Just remember to lather up and scrub your area gently for at least 20 seconds with that soap or gel.


Use clean/fresh towels

Towels that haven’t been washed in a week should immediately be dumped in your washing machine. Always ensure you use freshly washed and 100% dry towels in your private areas. The lesser your towels are washed, the more chances are of mold and bacteria growing on it. And we don’t want more infection in your already infected area, do we?



The more hair your butt crack has, the more the chances are of sweating. So if you’re a particularly hairy dude, maintain some hygiene. Go buy that razor and get rid of all your butt hair.


Try apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very well-known natural combatant to the growths of fungus and bacteria. After you’ve taken a shower and dried your body with a warm towel, take a ball of cotton and pour a little apple cider vinegar on it. Then gently dab the affected area with the cotton ball, and let it dry/get absorbed for a minute. This will make sure that any offensive odors are neutralized and once a minute passes by, put on your underwear. Here’s how to get rid of butt odor in a completely nature and safe manner.


Opt for mesh seats

Just like the name suggests, these chairs have a mesh at the bottom area, the place where you sit. This mesh allows air to pass through the chair and your ass, thus keeping the area well aerated. Completely avoid chairs made of leather because they do not let any air pass between your body and the chair – you will only end up sweating more.


Change your diet

What you eat or a sudden change in your diet can lead to butt odor too. So, keep an eye out on your intake of food items like garlic, onions, coffee, red meat, etc. They are the biggest offenders when it comes to butt odor.


Wear loose pants

Loose pants offer you the same function as a mesh chair – they allow your butt area to be well-aerated, thus reducing the chances of any sweat being built up.


Visit your doctor

How to get rid of butt odor seems easy but it can be really tricky. So, if you have tried all the methods and still can't solve this issue, then you should turn to your doctor to find out exactly what causes this problem and make specific plans to get rid of that annoying odor, especially if it has affected your normal daily life. What's more, as mentioned above, there are certain underlying diseases that can cause butt odor, which can only be cured by seeking the help of a doctor. So visit your doctor and seek professional advice whenever necessary.


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