When food fragments get stuck in the upper respiratory track, it leads to choking. Fishbone is one of the food fragments which get stuck in the throat accidently. Fish bone stuck in the throat can cause obstruction, pain in the throat, chest and abdomen. If fishbone in throat causes the throat to swell or get constricted, it will lead to breathlessness. In such cases, it is essential to get the fishbone out of the throat, reduce the pain and get the breathing back to normal.

How to Get a Fishbone Out of Your Throat

A fishbone stuck in the throat can be very uncomfortable and it is important to know how to get a fishbone out of your throat in such situations. Coughing heavily is the first thing you should try as it can help in dislodging the bone. Given below are few more methods on how to get a fishbone out of your throat.

Eat marshmallows. Eating a mouthful of marshmallows is an old remedy to get the fishbone out. Since the marshmallows have a thick and spongy texture, it gets sticky on chewing and helps in dislodging the fish bone. Once you have swallowed the marshmallows, check for the presence of fish bone, if it has not dislodged, repeat with another mouthful.


Eat nuts. Take a comfortable mouthful of nuts like peanuts, pecan, walnuts and almonds. When you chew them well, they have a coarse texture and this helps in loosening the bone. You can drink water or some other liquid to wash down the nuts before trying this again.


Eat bread. You can try different types of bread like dry bread, sliced bread, corn bread, hard rolls or whole wheat bread. You can take a comfortable mouthful, chew it till moist and swallow. Drink water or fluids to clear the throat.


Try salty water. Sip on water to which a pinch of salt is added, it will help in dislodging the fish bone and carrying it to the stomach.


Drink olives juice. Boil olives in water and drink the juice while it is warm. The bone softens due to this and slides down the throat. You can also try sipping warm olive oil, as it will soothe the cuts in the throat caused by the fish bone.


Take some sticky rice. A large ball of sticky rice gulped down without sticky rice can cause the fish bone to get stuck in it and slide down with the rice into the stomach.


Have some banana. Eating a large piece of banana and let it stay in your mouth for about 1-2 minutes, then swallow it without chewing, which can also take the fishbone along with it. You can drink water to help in swallowing the banana easily.


Drink diluted Vinegar. A method popular in China, on how to get a fishbone out of your throat, is drinking diluted Vinegar. The vinegar helps in softening the fish bone, thus dislodges the bone from the throat easily. However, the amount of acetic acid in vinegar is very less to actually soften the bone.

  • It is not very easy to remove a fish bone stuck in the throat. Knowing where the fish bone is stuck before trying to remove it is essential. Never try inserting any object in the throat to remove the fish bone on your own. Once the bone is removed, the pain and discomfort disappears. However, you should check if it has caused any bleeding or injury in the throat. Should anything serious occur, do not hesitate to get medical care.

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