Now there might be several reasons to delay your period – you’re going to a beach house for the weekend and need to be able to swim freely, you’re going to visit an exotic country for a week and you don’t want to worry about bleeding, or simply because you want to get laid. Either way, you need to delay your period. Let me warn you that delaying your period should be done in very important or urgent situations and shouldn't be done on a regular basis.

How to Delay Your Period Through Medication

Having said that, know that there are different ways in which you can delay your periods. The most effective methods through which you can get instant results are the scientific/medical ones listed below:

Birth control pills

These are one of the quickest and most affordable ways to delay your period. A traditional birth control pill pack has 28 pills with 21 active ones containing those hormones that can suppress your fertility and help mediate your menstrual cycle. But please do be careful when using them. Regular use will permanently disrupt your menstrual cycle and you will have absolutely no idea when you’ll have period next.


Natural progesterone cream

If you’re not interested in taking the pill, then you can use a progesterone pill or cream. When you’re menstruating, your progesterone levels increase during the first half of your menstrual cycle, and dip during its latter half. It’s this decrease in your levels which signals the body to continue the cycle to begin your periods. So if you complement your progesterone levels by using this cream, you can delay your period.


Talk to your doctor

At times, certain pills may or may not work for you. In such a case, it’s always best to take the advice of a professional to find out what pills should be taken by you, especially if you’re on meds for a condition or medical problem. Better safe than sorry, you know.

How to Delay Your Period by Diet

Of course, it can be a very debatable topic when it comes to delaying it via foods. But since there is zero harm in trying, there’s nothing stopping you from gorging on the following food items.

Fried gram lentil soup

A week before your periods are due, start drinking this soup on a daily basis. It is always best to drink it early in the morning, or whenever your stomach is empty.



The acidic properties in lemon have been known to naturally postpone women’s periods, and this little citric fruit has been used for centuries by women to do the same. All you have to do is suck on the lemon slowly and consume all of its juice. It is also said to ease period pain as well. If sucking on a lemon sounds too much for you, then you can easily opt for a glass of lemonade.



All you need to do is by taking a glass of warm water and adding 3 tsp. of vinegar to it. Drink it on an empty stomach a week or so before your periods, and you’re good to go.


Parsley leaves

Take two cups of mineral or boiled water, and add a handful of parsley leaves to it. Boil the water again for at least 15 minutes on a low flame. Cover it with a steel plate while boiling, but do make sure to leave aside a little opening to let the steam escape. After 15 minutes, wear your oven mitts to remove the plate because it will be hot, strain the leaves, and keep the water aside to cool. You can add sugar or honey or pretty much anything to it and then drink it. Do this at least 2-3 times daily to work on how to delay your period.


Shepherd's purse

Herbs like Yarrow and Shepherd’s purse can also be consumed to delay your periods. You can either use the method stated above as in the case of parsley leaves or grind the leaves when dry, add water, make a paste and consume it.


Spicy foods

The one thing you need to absolutely avoid when trying to delay your periods is spicy food items like garlic, chillies, black pepper, hot pepper, etc. These increase the blood flow in your body as well as increase your body heat, both of which are responsible for triggering an early menstrual cycle.

Other Methods on Delaying Your Period

Now these are some methods which may work for you. What's more, there is absolutely no harm in giving them a try, is there?

Intense physical activities

Since physical activities increase your estrogen levels, your menstrual cycle automatically gets delayed. So go ahead and hit the gym a week or two before you’re having your periods, and give it your all! This is one healthiest answer to how to delay your period.


Pile on the emotional stress

This is the least recommended one but emotional stress can quite easily delay a woman’s periods. So if there’s work, deadlines and chores that you’ve been putting off, then now would be the perfect time to get them done. The more stress, the higher the chances of your periods being delayed!


Massage your breasts

Please do know that this method has not been scientifically proven. Even so, it is used by many and all you have to do is to lightly circle your fingers around your breasts and massage them. You can do a dry massage or use some oil – whatever you prefer. Make sure you circle your fingers both clockwise and anticlockwise.


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