Dealing with difficult customers tends to be quiet hard. Sometimes their anger is justified, while at other times it isn’t. Dealing with them can be frustrating and annoying, not to mention physically exhausting. This is true for everyone involved, yourself and the angry customer. Handling situations like these can be a challenge, but knowing how to deal with rude customers can make all the difference. It is also important to know how to deal with anger.

How to Deal With Rude Customers Without Losing Your Cool


Be Respectful

This is possibly the most important tip that one can give on how to deal with rude customers. When an angry customer is lashing out at you, due to something you may have absolutely no control over, it is very easy to lose your temper as well. This will simply worsen the situation, especially if either party gets personal. A lot of times these angry customers might direct some insults towards you, simply because the product that he/she bought isn’t up to their expectations. Being respectful is the best way of dealing with difficult people.

Let them vent it all out. Most of the times, these angry customers cool down and will allow you to help with their problems. Hence, it is the best solution for how to deal with rude people.


Listen Carefully

Next on the list of how to deal with rude customers, is the art of listening. It is very easy to simply drift away, and cut off the person who is venting their anger at you. But no matter how hard it may be, listen to their problems. This will help you in more ways than one. It will help you focus on what is being said and more importantly it will help you ignore the tone in which the customer is talking to you.

Nothing can get an angry customer more irate than knowing that the person they are talking to is paying no heed. Never make an angry customer repeat themselves. Learn how to deal with stress, to remain calm and listen to your customer.


Never Argue

Want to know how to deal with rude customers? Well, do not argue for one. It is only natural that the customers who are upset with something to express their anger. There are quite a few who tend to take things a little too far, to the point where you may feel offended. But, restrain yourself and avoid getting into an argument with this angry customer. Be a better individual among the two of you, and maintain your integrity. Dealing with difficult customers is always easier when you do not argue. Knowing how to deal with anger, will help you avoid getting into an argument.


Be a Parrot

When the angry customer is done venting their anger, let them know that you were listening by repeating the problems which they mentioned. This is the best advice one can give you on how to deal with rude customers. 

Nothing gets an angry customer to cool down, than knowing that their problems were being heard and will be dealt with. There are two things which one stands to gain from this. Firstly the customer will cool down and will stop directing all their anger at you. Secondly, you will be able to understand what the issues are and hence will be able to deal with them. Repeating the issue at hand is a great solution if you would like to know how to deal with rude people.


Simple Solutions

When you work in that section of the company where you have to deal with the customers, then along with knowing how to deal with angry customers, you must also know the solutions for some of the most common problems that they come to you with. 

There is a large possibility that this is not the first time that such a problem has occurred, and often there are simple solutions to fix these. Offering these solutions is necessary, however, approach this carefully. You do not want risk dealing with difficult customers, who are already angry. This will give rise to unnecessary problems. Learn how to deal with stress, as this will help you keep a clear head during this chaos.


Find Resources

There are times when you may not be equipped with everything that is needed to solve the issue at hand, and hence, may have to send the customer to someone else. But, it is very important to know how to deal with angry customers while doing so as this may get them thinking that you are simply passing them off onto another person. This in turn might anger the person a lot more. Know how to deal with anger, so that you can deal with the person in a better manner.

The best possible manner to handle such a situation is to let the person know, that you aren’t simply passing them off, but are transferring them to the right department where they can find help. This will help you in dealing with difficult people.


Follow Up

The final suggestion on our list of solutions for how to deal with rude customers is, to do a follow up on this customer. This is particularly helpful, if you would have had to hand this person’s problem over to someone else. If you cannot talk to the customer directly, then you can send an e-mail or even leave a voicemail. This will let the person know that you genuinely wanted to solve the issue. Although it is a little act, this sometimes goes a long way in building a healthy relationship with the customer, as you have made them feel heard and valued.



Knowing how to deal with rude people is something we learn from experience. However, keeping your cool, while the customer is venting it out does seem to help. You can incorporate more than one of the above mentioned suggestions on how to deal with rude customers to calm them down. The one thing that you must never do, irrespective of what the situation is, is get into a word war.

Never ignore the customers or you will end up dealing with difficult people. Let them know that their problem has been heard and will be acted upon. Know how to deal with stress, as long as you remain calm and patient with the customer, they will calm down as well.

Now that you are equipped with this knowledge of how to deal with rude customers, dealing with the next rude one shouldn’t be a problem at all.


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