Man is a social animal. It is a human tendency to be surrounded by friends with whom you can share your experiences and feelings. However, not every friend is genuine; there are fake people around you who always behave strangely and you just want to stay away from them. Your life can get much better if you can eliminate negative, fraud, fake people from your surroundings. The more positive, genuine people you have around you, the better are the chances to reach your goals faster. Fortunately, there are some easy strategies about how to deal with fake people and these tricks help you save yourself from the impact of haters, posers and other fake people.

How to Deal With Fake People


Stay away from the fake person and limit your interactions

When you come across somebody who annoys or disappoints you, you can simply avoid that person. Limit the time you spend with that person and he/she will get fewer chances to aggravate you. By adopting this policy of avoiding them, you gain the initiative to punish the person for being fake. But sometimes you face situations where you have to hang out with fake people reluctantly, like a group event. In such cases, you can keep distance while being polite, which is better than acting rudely or ignoring them. Then, there are fewer chances of having to start a conversation with the fake people.


Don’t over-react to the fake behavior

Handling the annoying behavior from fake people is quite imperative. Instead of exploding at the person, you should try to maintain your temper even when the fake behavior aggravates you. However, if the person disrespects or disappoints you to an extent, you can fire back and let him/her know that there are limits to his or her annoying behaviors and you don’t like what he/she is doing or saying.


Speak up about the fakeness

There are different strategies on how to deal with fake people, based on your relations with the person. If a not-so-close friend or a classmate acts fake, you can just avoid him/her. However, when any of your close friends start being fake, your life is affected to a greater extent, because it is not so easy to ignore or avoid them. It is better to speak up, when you notice a sudden change in the behavior of such a friend. You would certainly face resistance as the person would not like to listen that he/she is doing something wrong. But address it head-on while being polite.


Find out the root of being fake

Finding out the reason why a friend is acting fake can make it easier to deal with. Asking questions about his/her new behavior gives you an idea of what is actually going on. However, you should be polite and respectful so that you won’t hurt your friend. You can try enquiring like this:

  • “Hey, what’s up? I have been noticing that your behavior has changed a little.”

  • “I am seeing you hang out with new people nowadays. Am I right?”


Consider a serious warning or counseling

Though it is your friend’s own choice of behavior, you can, as a good friend, intervene when you feel that his/her new choices are leading to unwise things. You may not completely succeed in stopping your friend, but you can at least let him/her know that those things are inappropriate.

For instance, if your friend is fake on money related issues, you can warn him or her directly.


Share the fakeness problem with other friends

It is a better choice not to fight the fakeness alone. When you notice a friend’s fake behavior, there are chances that other friends notice too. You can discuss about this when the fake friend is away. You may find some useful information from other friends and understand the situation better. You all can together decide about how to deal with his/her behavior.


Analyze the fake behavior

When you feel doubtful about your friend’s honesty and truthfulness, you can start assessing the behavior. If the person has become less supportive about your deeds and achievements, you should note that his/her intentions might be not good. If you start feeling like a stranger for him/her, it means you are in a fake friendship. Then, it is high time to find ways to get rid of the person from your life at the earliest.


Stop sharing your personal secrets

Once you feel that the friend is acting fake, stop revealing your deepest secrets to him/her. You should do this gradually so that the person does not get a cue that you have started disbelieving him/her. Doing this will help you slowly move away from the person and assess your friendship. When you stop sharing secrets with your fake friend, he/she will find other ways to get them from you. Understand this as a cue that he/she has been fake.


Throw back the fake behavior and language

This is a good way to deal with fake people. When they are acting fake, you can copy and use the expressions and language back at them to show them that you can act too. When you imitate the fake smile and language that they use, the person will definitely feel astonished. This is completely unexpected for them.


Show your preference towards genuine people

Show the fake person how grateful you are for people around who are true to you and how good it feels like being surrounded by authentic people. Continue doing this until the fake person stops acting fake or moves away from you.


Indicate their false statements

When the fake person talks to you, find out any examples of untrue statements and ask him/her about the false thing. You can simply say that what he/she said the previous day was not right. Keep cool and calm when the person responds angrily upon you pointing out the fake thing.


Make new friends

It could be difficult to accept that your close and trusted friend was fake. You may feel doubtful about true friendships and relations. However, just because you had a fake friend, it does not mean you will never find true friends again. Be open for new friends and believe in friendship. Be positive and you will soon forget the fake friend and get many more new friends which you can nurture on trust and admiration. This is an assured solution for your biggest concern of how to deal with fake people.


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