To some people, dancing at a club with a handful of strangers can be a daunting task. Clubs are always noisy, tight and filled with strange faces. But considering the real meaning of these numbers and following the tips below will help you look at the prospect for dancing with total strangers differently.

How to Dance at a Club: 4 Essential Tips You Should Remember at Heart


There is no particular high standard you must reach

The important thing is to learn enough dancing steps to fit in when next you hit a nightclub and decide to hit the dance floor. Most people feel clumsy when they are faced with the option of dancing, so they resort to taking a few bottles before stepping out to dig it out.


Don’t worry the opposite sex will judge your dancing abilities, it’s not all about dancing perfectly

For men

Time for generalization. Men and women share different ideas when it comes how to dance at a club and do it perfectly. To girls, any guy that can move, seems comfortable, and confident while having fun can pass as a very good dancer.

What a girl looks for in a male dancing partner is just that and nothing more.

For women

This may seem quite stereotypical and simple, but the truth is that most times, the guy you are dancing with do not care about how you dance. He will probably be carried away by things like the smell of your hair, your perfume and the feeling of having you so close to him. But if he is just sitting down watching while you dance, he thinks about what it will feel like to dance with you and probably establish a friendship with you.


Forget about what others may think

You will often see people pointing at you while you dance and laugh. Give no thought to them because they are too nervous to hit the dance floor themselves. Those random guys that just sit drinking beer shouldn't get your attention at all.


Be toned-down and low-key

Don't try a new stunt except you are sure of your skills. Instead of making a fool of yourself trying some complicated dancing steps, keep it simple and monotonous. The important thing is to enjoy the dance and not embarrass your dancing partner.

How to Dance at a Club: Practice Often and Dance!


Learning the Skills Visually

You can learn some great steps from the video below.


Find a basic, reliable dancing step

Anyone who teaches others how to dance in a club will tell you that it is important to have a dancing step you can always flow with. Even if it is the only step you know, make sure you are good at it.

The average dancer is expected to be able to stand on the same spot, bounce on both knees, turn both torsos, and move both arms stylishly before he or she can be said to be dancing. Even if you learn nothing else about how to dance at a club, if you can do what I just described, you are good to go.

But there are still some minor moves you can incorporate into the basics to spice up your dancing skills.

  • Swinging your arms limply is not enough, you have to get your shoulders involved as well.

  • Take some side to side, and back and forth steps.

  • Mix your arm movements.

  • Nod with your head.

  • Do some little spins using either foot or both.

  • Rotating your torso slightly is not enough, move your torso back and forth, and from one side to the other.

  • Lift one foot gently, then lift the other foot, to achieve a rhyming match. Just move the foot a bit, not so much so you won't look like some Japanese robot.

  • Find a way to mix up the arm, torso, and foot variations. Find one great combination, practice it for sometime before moving to another. Do not mix up things so you won't have to try out new things each second. That will appear way too disorganized.

This level of dancing will probably not help you win a dance competition, but you have come up to the level of movie extras at least and more than 75% of the people you will meet in night clubs. With this, you can always hit the dance floor in any nightclub and do your thing with confidence.

One major advantage of learning the basics is the fact that it will be suitable for most songs played in clubs. But when you hear a Hip-Hop song, just make sure you dance is a bit Hip-Hoppish. When dancing to some oldies Pop, make your dance a bit energetic and cheesy.


If you wish, you can add fancier dance moves and sequences

To learn how to dance at a club to impress everyone, you have to add more canned moves and sequences. It will also require more rigorous practices and some professional help. But the important thing is to know you can learn to dance like Michael Jackson and beat his dance records!

You can also pay attention while professional dancers are dancing in a club and learn one or two tricks from them.

  • Watch your friends while they dance

  • Watch music videos or movies, mostly Indian

  • Get some online video tutorials

  • Get some dance video games

  • Experiment and invent new dance steps

  • Take a dance class


Practicing remains the best way to learn

Dancing at home while you listen to your favorite songs is one way of spicing up your dance skills. The more you dance, the more you become perfect.


Communicate non-verbally

When it comes to how to dance at a club, you must not forget the importance of body languages. Body languages can be all you need to stand out on the dance floor at the club. With poor body language abilities, you will often seem a very awkward and poor dancer. The same dance steps that appear poor with no or inappropriate body languages can look great with more confidence and energy.


Dancing is physical a thing

Here is a very simple tip. You will make a better dancer is you are in a better shape. A good shape will enable you dance better, be more energetic, and dance for longer. Some basics like engaging in aerobic fitness activities, flexibility, and leg endurance and torso can help too.


Drink to get loosened up, but do not drink much

We all know that an adequate amount alcohol will be effective in getting us loosened up. However, be cautious not to drink too much. Because it’s also risky to be too drunk. You might get a bad hangover and find yourself had an embarrassing night.


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