“Hey, what are you thinking about?”


Does this conversation sound similar? That’s because you've all been there at one point of time in our lives, at least. But the truth couldn’t be farther away. You always have something or the other on your minds, most of which tends to give you reasons to worry, be sad, angry or frustrated. Your minds are seldom blank, and to be honest, in today’s fast paced world it sure would be a nice break if you knew simply how to control your mind, right?

How to Control Mind

Now don’t get me wrong – this process is long, arduous and takes a lot of patience. But once you do get the hang of it, it’s an experience like nothing before. So are you ready to know the tips on controlling your mind?

Begin from your bedroom

Or any other room in your home that you’re most comfortable with. This is because you can control and are familiar with the surroundings in your home, unlike any other place where being in control becomes that much difficult.


Let your mind run free

It’s nearly impossible to control your mind from the get go. You will face numerous distractions. So the next best thing to do is to let all thoughts run freely through your mind. Because there will eventually come a time when your mind will eventually slow down, and your thoughts will become more sparse. And that’s when you’ll know you have to work on controlling your mind.


Randomly, pause your thoughts

Think it as an exercise. The next time you’re working on how to control mind and you’re letting your thoughts run wild, just hit pause in your head at random moment. For 2, 5 or 10 seconds – try and keep your mind as blank as you can. Think of nothing. Let there be emptiness, peace and calm and nothing more in your head. Breathe deeply in and out. Just… relax.


Identify your negative thoughts

Know which feelings are negative and which ones are positive. Every emotion you feel is a result of what’s going through your mind. So the sooner you can sift through your negative thoughts and identify the root causes, the easier it will become for you to manage your mind and emotions.


Get rid of distractions

Now these distractions can come in many forms – loud music, your cat meowing, harsh light or even strong sunlight pouring through the windows. Create a calm and soothing environment. Get rid of as much noise as you can. If you want, play some Enya or Karunesh in the background at a low volume. Light some scented candles, if you think that will help.


Reward yourself

Here comes another tip on how to control mind. Once you’ve managed to accomplish a goal you’ve set for yourself, reward yourself with something you enjoy. It could be that drugstore chocolate that you love to binge on, or that expensive bottle of wine you’ve been keeping aside for special occasions. Not only will this encourage you to accomplish more and better goals, but also will associate your goals with positive images in your mind!


Resolve unresolved issues

Often, we think of things and issues that remain unresolved – like if you leave your house 5 minutes earlier, you wouldn’t miss that bus. In such cases you have two options – either promise yourself to wake up early and catch the bus from tomorrow onward; or if you can’t, then accept you’re just that lazy and let go of the thought of wanting to catch the bus on time.


Write down your thoughts

Sometimes, putting things in writing makes them that much clearer to us. It also helps you to get it out of your head. Literally. If you’re finding it difficult or too embarrassing to share your problems with anyone, jot them down in a diary or even a piece of paper. Look at it. Read it again and again and gain a different perspective.

If you can find a problem to the solution, then go for it. If you can’t, then there’s really no point in obsessing over it, is there? Because that is not gonna solve anything. And then when you’re done obsessing over it, disassociate yourself from it.


Reduce stress

When it comes to how to control mind, nothing works as well as reducing as much stress from your life as possible. Now the reasons for your stress could be varied – emotional factors, psychological factors, dietary issues, poor sleep cycle, wrong medications, etc. You have to first locate the source of your stress and reduce it or completely eliminate it from your life. If you’re finding it difficult to do so on your own, ask the help of family members, friends or even professionals to help you locate why you are so stressed. Remember that a stressed mind and body can never let you control your mind and focus on anything.


Practice makes perfect

See, that’s the thing about things related to the mind. Practice is absolutely the only way to achieve your goal. So make it a habit to practice controlling your mind at least two times a day when you’re free or least stressed. Mornings, early evenings and late nights are the best times to begin your practice.


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